There are so many things that I am passionate about, one is finances. Years ago I worked as an accountant and from that day I had acquired a desire to see myself and others handle money intelligently and get out of debt. My approach is very simple, your income needs to greater than your debt. I will show you examples of outlines that I use every month to keep me on track. You can add or change anything in order to fit your information. I am proud to share this information because it has lead to my success, going from $10,000.00 debt to $0.00 within 3 years.  Hopefully these steps and outlines can help you live a successful and debt free life as well.

Date: May 2017

Bank Info:

Checking Account $1,200.00

Saving Account $800.00


5th      Check 1     $1,500.00

19th    Check 2      $1,500.00


1st        Phone Bill           $110.00

3rd       Rent Bill              $775.00

10th      Utilities               $150.00

20th      Car Payment      $400.00

21st       Car Insurance    $100.00

30th      Internet Bill        $85.00

Misc. Bills:

Fuel       Approx 50 gal.      $140.00

Food       Per Month             $150.00

Misc.       Gifts/Dr./Clothes  $200.00

Save         Grow Savings      $100.00


Checking     Phone      Rent      Checking

$1,200.00 – $110.00 – $775.00 = $315.00

Checking    Check 1      Checking

$315.00 + $1,500.00 = $1,815.00

Checking     Utilities     Checking

$1,815.00 – $150.00 = $1,665.00

Checking       Check 2      Checking

$1.665.00 + $1,500.00 = $3,165.00

Checking    Car Pay    Car Ins.   Internet   Checking

$3,165.00 – $400.00 – $100.00 – $85.00 = $2,580.00

Checking        Fuel        Food        Misc.      Saving      Checking

$2,580.00 – $140.00 – $150.00 – $200.00 – $100.00 = $2,090.00

Date: June 2017

Bank Info:

Checking Account $2,090.00

Saving Account $900.00

I hope that this makes it easy to see how to write out your monthly bills. Aim to end up with more money than you started out with each month. Constantly work on saving some money. You never know when something will come up where you will need it. Only $100.00 a month into savings might sounds small but in three years that gives you $3,600.00 plus whatever interest your saving account adds to it. Look at your finances in order by date, this will allow you to see how much money goes towards bills from each paycheck. I don’t believe in living a paycheck to paycheck life, so try to find other ways to gather income. I will create a future post about some ideas for making money outside of your job. I know this is a very basic and made up version of monthly finances but I hope that it gets others thinking simplistically about money since it can become overwhelming to deal with at times. Writing out my monthly bills gives me a clear focus and a strict plan that I stick with each month. That is my secret for handling money properly and saving at the same time….. lots of hard work, determination and sticking to your plan.

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