I know we all have good and hard times. I find it helpful to look at the good in the world around us. There is always something to be thankful for. For my first post of motivation I am going to share a few quotes from Thomas Edison. I hope that these encourage you, pull you out of your own head and causes you to remember your passions, goals and dreams. Go out in this world a become the greatest version of yourself, because there is only one you in this world.


Never give up, be persistent and keep all your goals right in front of you.


Your ideas do no good to anyone until you make them a reality.


I have wanted to quite so many times in life, but that little voice in the back of my head kept saying just try one more time. You got this. Not trying one more time means failure, one more try creates a possibility that you will finally have all that hard work pay off.


I’ve heard people say that they can or can’t do something because of their past and the things that they have been through. If those things are in your past and you have already been through them, they are behind you. Grow from your life experiences, good or bad. Don’t limit yourself, unleash yourself and see what you are capable of. I promise you will be amazed.


Today I wrote my first blog post. Scary but so exciting. ( I’ve wanted to do this for over 5 years.) What did you do today that you are proud of? Even if it is as simple as landscaping the front yard.


There will be many people in your life that will be negative, you don’t need to be negative to yourself as well. Be kind to yourself with your thoughts, feelings and actions. Work hard and leave things better than you found them. Take that first step towards your dreams, goals and ambitions. Don’t be afraid of failing because it is far worse to die with regrets, knowing that there were things in you to do that you just never got around to doing.


Nothing worth while comes easy. You never heard of an athlete that just woke up one day with fame, fortune and talent. Get your butt out of bed, work hard and chase your greatness.


There will be days that you feel the world is crumbling around you. You have done everything that you know to do but things just aren’t working out. Grab a book, get inspired, learn, grow, now you can look at your circumstance again with more knowledge and insight, you have fresh perspective to tackle the things you thought were impossible.


You might have great ideas or talents but they won’t amount to anything until you take the first step. Keep after the things that you love, don’t try and give up because you rob this world of your talent and ideas if you don’t bring them to fruition.


Stay optimistic. Life isn’t pass or fail, it is about doing your absolute best. Don’t live a substandard life that when you die the words read over you are, they lived an average life and now they are gone. Live such an extraordinary life that the world knows when you take your last breath, whether it’s because off your inventions, your compassion, your talents and skills, your determination for justice or your strive for world peace.


We can survive without food for 21 days. We can live without water for 3 days. We can stay alive for 3 minutes without oxygen. We are able to replenish ourselves after each of these circumstances, but we can never get back time lost or wasted. Make each day, hour, minute and second count. Live every moment in such a way that when your head hits the pillow at night there is a deep sigh of pure satisfaction.

What are you doing today that you shouldn’t and what  aren’t you doing that you should?

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