Motorcycle Trip From Nevada To Pennsylvania:

My husband and I have  a dream to visit all 50 of the United States Of America via a motorcycle. So far we have been able to check 23 states off of our bucket list. In 2016 we made our first big motorcycle trip cross country from our home in Nevada to Gettysburg Pennsylvania and back. We took 28 days off work to make our trip. We have traveled in California on the motorcycle a few times but this thrip we knocked off the northern 22 states. This year 2017 we are renting a motorcycle when we visit Hawaii. I will post about that trip in the future which should be around October-November. We plan to visit the north eastern states and the far south in 2018. Lastly, we are going through the west coast and Alaska in 2019. I am very excited to be able to share our experiences from these trips with you all. I know that it  is hard to be able to take time off work to do these trips, but fortunately we have a lifestyle that affords us flexible schedules and we stick to our budget throughout the year to make our dreams come true. Anything is possible when you have goals, plans and stick to them like glue.

Disclaimer: I had never taken a motorcycle trip longer than 3 hours prior to this one. So I may or may not have sent back 8 pounds of shoes and clothing midway. I am a planner and I love to be prepared for anything. You don’t really need 5 pairs of shoes on a trip like the one you are about to see. Haha ENJOY!

Nevada Idaho Montana  Wyoming North Dakota South Dakota Utah Colorado Nebraska Kansas Minnesota Iowa Missouri Wisconsin Illinois Indiana Michigan Kentucky Ohio West Virginia Pennsylvania Virginia


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