Thought Of The Day

Thought Of The Day

I’ve talked to many people that tell me they are unhappy in life. The reasons vary from; I don’t have enough money, I need a new car, my wardrobe doesn’t suit me anymore, my home life sucks and the list goes on and on. What if instead I challenged some thinking here. Maybe those reasons stem from YOU being unhappy with yourself and the way your life is. It is possible that the things you think are making you unhappy are not the root cause. I believe that anyone can love their life if they work on finding inner happiness, an inner happiness that isn’t motivated by external things or materialistic value. You are capable of finding one thing everyday that makes you happy, a simple one that doesn’t cost money. I like rainy and windy weather, it makes me happy. I love that I am healthy, that makes me happy. There is always something to be happy and thankful for. Just finding one thing a day will slowly change your outlook on life. Try it out! What do you love about life today?

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