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My 30 Day Kickstart

May 29th 2017 I decided it was time to jump back into my fitness routine. I have been active and healthy but I needed a better day to day routine with goals and vision. I like to see progress and actively pursuing fitness and keeping information on my personal bests is what motivates me. The last 13 days I have gone on jogs with my dogs from 2-3 miles, walks between 2-3 miles, one day of wood cutting for 4+ hours and I have done my ab routine which I am posting below. I will be incorporating my gym routines next week but I like kickstarting my routine with walking, jogging and core because it tones my whole body and gets my core strong for other workouts. A strong core is key to not getting injuries at the gym.

plank 9plank 11

plank 12




Hold a plank until failure. I like to start out with 30 seconds and work my way up. You can rest on your forearms with closed fists rotated inward or with your hands palm down on the floor. You want your toes and the balls of your feet on the floor as well. keep your back straight and your butt down.


Plank Knee Taps & Hip Rotation:

plank 3


Hold the plank position and one at a time drop your knee until it touches the floor then straighten out. Switch off each knee and repeat 20 times per knee. Be careful to keep your back straight.

For the hip rotation you will hold the regular plank position and rotate just your hips unit they face perpendicular to the ground and then twist the other direction. Rotate to each side 10 times for starters, then work up to 20 per side.


Side Plank Hip Raise:

plank 1

Use one arm to support your weight and put your feet together, keep your back straight and tighten your core while you do this workout. Rest your lower hip on the ground and lift until you become straight then repeat 20 times. Turn to your other side and repeat the process.
Side Plank:

plank 4

Just like the side plank hip raise, you will get into the same position and just hold yourself straight for 20-30 seconds each side. Work up until you get to 60 seconds per side.
Long Arm Sit Up:
plank 5


Lay flat on your back with your knees bent. Raise your arms above your head and lay them on the floor. Slowly raise yourself like a sit up while keeping your arms outstretched. It is extremely important to keep your back straight and keep good posture. If this is too hard or you feel a pain you can do a variation by just doing crunches with your arms outstretched. Do 20 reps and work up until you can do 60 at a time.


With each of these exercises you need to do the following:

-Keep your back straight.

-Engage your core by flexing.

-Stop the second you feel pain or a tweak. Being sore is good though just not sharp pain.

-For sit ups and crunches do not arch your back or bend your neck.

-Breathe!!!! You need oxygen to ensure that your working muscles continue working properly. Keep a good breathing routine. I breathe in during the easier part of the workout and out during the difficult part. For a sit up I inhale while laying down and exhale during the sit up.

Feel free to comment or ask questions. I have lots of variations for working different muscles with a variety of exercises. Have a wonderful day. Start your journey to a better and healthier you today. There is no time like the present!!!

plank 8

plank 6







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