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Why The Hiatus?

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry that it’s been so long since my last post. Life has gotten busy quickly. This blog post is a life update in a nutshell form.

I am an official business owner! I just purchased my first business and we are waiting for the title company to send one last form for signing. The new business is called Stonewall Storage it is an indoor, outdoor, RV’s and trailer storage. IMG_1550

I’ve been busy puppy training lately. We had to put down our sweet Golden-Doodle “Toby” this month due to his health issues. Last week my husband and I drove from home to Reno then to Costa Mesa to pick ups new puppy from a breeder we have used from our first dog “Nike”. Nike and his little sister “Ares” are getting along great but it has been a lot of work to get them trained properly. They are both Belgian Malinois. While training the puppy I have had to try to get my older dog to be mellow because he had surgery on three of his feet. Declaw removal and a growth removal. Poor guys, all he wants to do is play with his new sister.

My 30 day kickstart workout plan went great. I am feeling healthy lately and keeping at it. Just went to the gym earlier today. I am able to see improvements and I have a desire to start switching up my workouts. I did a whole body workout starting with core and arms. Finished the gym experience with some burning legs doing “SWAT Walks”. My husband retired from the Sheriff’s Dept. here and he was a Sniper for SWAT. He has amazing workout ideas that push you to your limits! SWAT Walks are simply you walking on a treadmill with the greatest incline that it has at 1-1.5 mph you squat and walk sideways 15 steps. Then face backwards on the treadmill, squat and walk 15 steps. Turn to the other side and squat while walking your last 15 steps. You will end facing forward and walking very slow. You will want to cry by the time you finish a few sets of these bad boys.


Whole Body is still in the beginning stage. I am decorating an office in hopes to meet with some locals to assist in living a healthy lifestyle. There are some things I am trying out with body care that is all natural, but I am working on the right balances to make things perfect.

With the new odd ball things going on, my husband is working full-time at the mine out here and I am working at our other business. Our jobs do take up a great deal if time and we are extremely thankful for what we have and the opportunity we have to work and serve in our small community.


I am not wanting to go into any details but, I am scheduled for a surgery in September which I am truly excited about. I have dealt with some health issues since a teen and I can’t wait to get it all taken care and live life much fuller. I don’t care what anyone is going through or been through, your biggest goals should always be: 1) Be Happy. 2) Be Healthy. Do what is best and healthiest for you, inside and out. This process has taken up most of our time lately with appointments for such long time, but I can’t wait to have it all be done. I am ready to live without so many restrictions and road blocks.

The last 4 months now we have been out of town each week at least once. When I say out of town I mean at least a 3 1/2 hour drive one way. You can imagine how tiring that can get. I love the life I am living but I am looking forward to a slower season as well. You will never hear me complain about my life but I do feel it was necessary to update you all on why I hadn’t been posting new information lately.

Coming up I will be posting about the following:

  • New workout routine. (tips and advice)
  • Clean Eating.
  • My favorite things. (a summer update)
  • Goals. (setting and achieving them)
  • Healthy relationships. (communication and balance)
  • Finances. (tips for saving money on the road)

Thank you for reading this post. I hope to help others in any way that I can with health, fitness, relationships, and personal issues as well. We’ve all been through many things and the things that we get through are the things that we have strength in to be able to help others through it as well. We all have struggles, battles and choices. What will you dod today that will make your tomorrow a little better?

Feel free to comment or leave questions for me. I find great joy in helping others become the best version of themselves.

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