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Get Moving

“Get Moving” Although I mean this title in the most literal sense possible, I also mean this title metaphorically. Yes, it is great to get active, jog, work out and take excellent care of your body. Most everything that I post about your body and health specifically can be used to help your lifestyle and overall well being.

I wanted to post this particular topic today because I was realizing how many times on social media and in day to day conversations I hear the words “I will do it tomorrow” or “It’s too hard” and “I just don’t feel like it”. I think these are excuses that we slowly allow into our life that gives us the opportunity to do nothing and become nothing.

The first moment you allow an excuse to enter your brain you give yourself the chance to act upon it. Here is an example, let’s say you want a healthier lifestyle and you have decided to take better care of your body. You set your alarm for 6am planning to go to the gym. The alarm wakes you up and your brain says well I can sleep in a little longer and go workout after work today instead. More than likely you will not end up at the gym that day. Your body will listen to your brain, if you take charge of your thoughts and drown out all the excuses you will get anywhere you want in life and you will get yourself to the gym.ย Taking control of your thoughts isn’t easy, it takes practice and lots of it. The more that you do this the easier it becomes each time.

Not only is the action of getting to the gym a difficult step the next one isn’t a walk in the park either. Being strong and confident right where you are at. I walk into the gym knowing that I am going to take one step today to become more capable, stronger, healthier and happier. I may don’t be able to bench much at all and I know that my shoulders are my weakest part of my body but that encourages me to work on those things until they no longer are my weakness. I had surgery a few weeks ago, I was pretty much allowed to walk around my house, eat and sleep. On Monday I was finally cleared to drive and get out more heres the catch though, I am restricted to only lift things under 10 lbs. (You would not believe how rare it is to find household things that weigh under 10 lbs.) I got very frustrated not being able to do very much. But I decided that I will do everything in my power to stay healthy and active. I went to the gym even though I cannot do a single thing in the weight room I got myself on a treadmill and elliptical. I simply walked a mile the first day. (I have a tendency to over do things so I set a goal for myself.) I went home afterwards and felt accomplished. Feeling accomplished in your workout, job, writing, chores or cooking gives you motivation to accomplish a new task tomorrow.


Which sentence sounds better to you?

I can’t curl 20 lbs. I am so weak. Or I am curling 10 lbs. I’m getting stronger.

Let’s try a different example:

I’m so fat I’m too embarrassed to go to the gym. Or I am overweight therefore I will go to the gym today to start taking better care of my body.

These sentences shares similar aspects and facts but the tone is productive, determined and helpful to you and not destructive.

Even if you can’t curl 20 lbs. or if you feel overweight, get moving. Start today and do something that will change your tomorrow.

I love both of these quotes. They have been true in my life on more than one occasion. As you know from previous posts, I had my own struggle with being over weight and I got so sick of my excuses and the way I felt that I finally came to a breaking point and made the change that I am still thankful for today. The first week of working out might have you pumped and then the next Monday morning rolls around and all of your enthusiasm is gone. That is when discipline and consistency comes into play. Get it done especially on the days you don’t feel like it. Those are my days that I personally grow the most. When you push yourself past comfort you obtain growth, physically and in life as well.

ali greatestchallenge

Look at challenges as opportunities for growth and change. As humans we love stable and safe environments, we love the predictable and the known. If we lived a life with only those things we would have no reason to change or become better versions of ourselves. I want to touch on a previous comment about people feeling uncomfortable going to the gym because they are overweight. This was me when I started working out. I wore my sports bra, a tank top and a shirt just to feel somewhat comfortable because I was embarrassed by my gut, hips and my body as a whole. Please don’t be embarrassed. When I see someone walk into the gym with lots of clothes and is overweight my first thought is what an inspiration. I know how hard it was to be in their shoes not too long ago. But in my head and heart I am rooting for them and cheering them on. It is so much harder to go to the gym when you feel uncomfortable and self conscience than if you are feeling good and fit. So I applaud everyone that goes walking, biking, jogging, running and to the gym when you are feeling anything less than great! Don’t let your fears rule your life, harness your fears to create change for the best version of you!

If you want to take care of your body better, get vision for yourself, set goals, find a version of your goals that you are passionate about, never give yourself an excuse. When you get these things lined up you will be self sustained because your vision will become your passion. When people do things out of passion they become incredible and many times they become the best in that field. Arnold Schwarzenegger loved body building, he was/is passionate it and he became one of the greatest. Muhammad Ali was one of the world’s greatest boxers of all time and it was amazing to watch his fights, because it was his passion. Steve Jobs was passionate about Technology, can you say Apple, iPhone, iPad, Etc. Jackie Robinson was passionate about baseball and he followed his dreams despite to odds and challenges. Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist and you can tell he had passion in what he did. I may not be able to understand much of it but his passion for science is inspiring.

These people were all great at the things they put their effort, time and passion into. I am sure they each had very hard days and even days they wanted to give up. They each kept moving forward. Your greatness is right in front of you. What if the day you quit pursuing your passion was the day you would have had your greatest breakthrough? That thought helps me get out of bed in the morning, it helps me to be the best version of myself that I know how to be. Your passions should make sleeping hard, you should be excited to wake up everyday knowing you are going to get a little bit closer to your goals and your passions are going to reap fruit and your persistence will pay off.

If you want to apply this post specifically to your life for working out and staying active please feel free but you are equally as welcome to use this post for your career, your family life, school or any area you feel that you need motivation to continue growing, changing and bettering yourself.

positive people

Anytime you go through change you will have people in your life that will fit into a few categories, for simplicity’s sake I will mention the top 3.

  1. Those who don’t agree and ins’t helpful to your growth.
  2. Those who don’t care and have no say in what you do.
  3. Those who support and encourage you.

You will have to find people that fit in category 3. Don’t look to friends that help give you excuses in your life or that tell you that you don’t need to lose weight when you are clearly living an unhealthy life. Look for people that are honest, people that will encourage you when you share your plan with them.

I have worked out with people that have wanted to lose weight and others that have wanted to gain weight. One thing that these people will tell you is that I never lied to them. When we met for day one at the gym I told them the next 3 months you will have to work harder than they have in their entire life. When they asked if they looked overweight or underweight I never said the typical answer, “No, you look great.” I told them the truth and said, “I can tell you are not at your healthiest weight” or “I think you are too thin for your build” and even “I can tell you are heavier than you should be.” Brutal? Not at all! We can’t change if we have people around telling us we are perfect.

vision passion

Keep your vision right in front of you. Remember your passions. If you need to, go ahead and write it out on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror. Get moving towards your passions with your vision in mind at all times.

our deepest fear

You may not feel like going to the gym, working, going to school or eating healthy. You will certainly feel the effects, frustrations, lack of confidence and regret of not doing those things.

How are you going to get moving today? What is your light? Who are you not to be those things?

6 thoughts on “Get Moving

  1. Wonderful post! I am very familiar with wanting to press the snooze instead of getting up and going to the gym. Sometimes you really do just have to set goals and not give yourself an excuse. Thanks for the read xx


  2. I like this. well done. If people put off their ambitions, dreams or goals for another day the so called “tomorrow” or “Monday” it usually does not come and then by the time you know it, life is racing by.. live for today and make it happen! ๐Ÿ™‚


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