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Do Not Rob This World Of Your…..

Do Not Rob This World Of Your….. Greatness!

You were not born to be mediocre or average. You are not on this earth just to survive and merely exist. I don’t think we are all born knowing exactly what our passions and talents are, nor do I  believe that we easily find out what our purpose is.

I do know one thing for sure though and that is we each have something to offer and something to give this world. There is none on this planet that is exactly like you. We are each individuals that bring something unique and new to the table.


Let me challenge your thinking for a moment. As the quote says, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” Great quote but what does it truly mean? Here is my theory. It is easy to life a life that has no accountability or responsibility because we are never uncomfortable and therefore never require change. Although it is nearly impossible to live life this way people tend to enjoy comfort and familiarity. Change is difficult because it forces us out of our comfort zone and the lifestyle that we are familiar with. Greatness can only come when we challenge our thoughts, our body and our lifestyle. Name one GREAT person in history that did nothing. I can guarantee that you won’t think of a single person. The great people in history have done things that were thought to be impossible, challenged the way average people live and then lived fully, great people are not in their comfort zone. They are working their backsides off to be greater today than they were yesterday. You will not find your greatness until to accept responsibility for your life. Know this, you are responsible for being happy or miserable. You are responsible for getting yourself to the gym in the morning or disliking your current state of health. You are responsible for being on your death bed and knowing that your life was fulfilling and joyful or wishing you had just a little more time to do the things you never took responsibility to do. Your choice.


I know that is a harsh statement but only you are in charge of your life and the second you take ownership and responsibility of it the sooner you can move on to finding your greatness and your gift to the world. Each of us is born with greatness, with a purpose and with a gift that no other person can exactly replicate. I don’t have a simple solution to finding your purpose or what it is that you have to offer the world but I do know what has helped me on my journey to finding my own. Try things and fail. Test things out that you feel passionate about. Work on your weaknesses. Do things that make you nervous or challenge you. All of these things; if nothings else, cause growth. Growth is new territory an an area you will be more likely to fail. Failure is not the end, quitting is the end. When you get closer to finding your purpose your failures will only fuel your determination and thirst to succeed. Always fail forward, meaning get up and try another way. If you ever feel like quitting ask yourself this:  Are your failures so massive that you are willing to give up your greatness?


If ever you have a moment of self doubt or hopelessness on your journey of greatness remember these few things. If you give up on yourself you are a thief in this world. You are stealing the things that others would have been able to learn from you and benefit from. The second you stop striving for greatness and settle for average the world and people around you miss out on a wonderful person that is full of incredible things. You might not think you have something amazing to share with the world but I can guarantee that we each do. As I have said before, if one of my blog posts help a single  person in this world I feel that I have succeeded. That is one of the areas of “Greatness” in my life. From previous posts you know that another area of greatness in my life is being able to share how I became physically healthy, the things that helped me overcome addiction as well as depression, etc. My failures and set backs in life have become my victories and have each played a part in my Greatness. I don’t know what my life’s purpose is yet and I am exploring what exactly I am meant to do, but in every failure I will fail forward and continue until I succeed. I challenge each of you to try something new. Read a book in an area of interest that challenges you. Work out and add 5 more reps to each set you do. Compliment one person a day for the next week. (Only REAL compliments nobody likes a fake one.) Take 10 minutes out of your day to be all alone and dream outside the box of social expectations, dream of things that you can achieve no matter how extravagant they might seem. Write a list of strengths the you have and try exploring each of them to see if your greatness is hiding in one. Anything you decide to do make sure you invest into it fully and take responsibility for the life you are living so that you can achieve all of the things that make up your GREATNESS.






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