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Hidden Struggles

We all have gone through some hindrance in life. Whether that is addiction, depression, health issues, relationship difficulties or financial hardships. I have gone through each of these at one point or another. I have to admit that more often than not I kept each of these hardships a secret from everyone around me. As human beings we love having it all together but we tend to feel like a failure if someone knows negative things about us because we take it as a personal embarrassment. After learning the hard way it is not healthy to keep struggles hidden.


When you keep your struggles secret they can seem bigger and more stressful than if you were to confide in someone else. You would be surprised just how many people are going through the same things as you. The second you share the difficulties you are processing with another person then you expose your fear and your secret. Imagine a hose that is full of water with a kink in it. The pressure builds and the hose expands. When you release the kink the water begins to flow and the pressure on the hose itself decreases.  It isn’t comfortable to share your struggles with others, you can even feel embarrassed or ashamed of them but the moment you get them out it the open the pressure and power from them fades away almost immediately.

When you surround yourself with people that care about you and support you it is much more likely that you will succeed. Overcome your struggles in good company.


Isolation will keep you from growth or change. Isolation is like keeping that hose kinked until it explodes. It is better to let the kink go and allow the water to flow it is so much more manageable than a blown up hose. I have known multiple people in life that have come to me and shared their struggles, I immediately let them know that they are not alone and that they are bigger an stronger than any struggle they will face in life. The people that I have known that kept their hose kinked until it exploded are either no longer on this earth or they went through a life shattering experience. Please do not be afraid to share your struggles, but make sure after you reveal what you are battling create a game plan to conquer your obstacles.


Going through a struggle with a friend makes you twice as strong. Being able to talk to someone else is refreshing and healthy. You are able to get a whole new perspective if you allow another person to help you when things get difficult. Lastly, when you talk to a friend about your secret struggles you have accountability which means they will not allow you to remain in the same place over time. A good friend will stand by you and challenge you to change and overcome your obstructions and struggles. A true friend will go with you to counseling, give you a hug when you are hurting and kick you in your backside when its time to make progress.


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