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A New Year Doesn’t = A New You

I know the common phrase for each new year is, “New year, new you.” This phrase is highly inaccurate and sounds more like an excuse for the way you lived last year. I do not magically change in the way that Cinderella and the pumpkin changed at midnight on December 31st each and every year. I am on a continual journey of change and growth. I may have new goals and targets to acquire but I do not set myself up to change drastically on January 1st each year.

Let’s say you want to start eating right and exercising. You wait until January 1st 2018 to start living a precise and planned way. Here are some of the problems with this way of thinking. We are naturally creatures of habit, repetition is key to changing our lifestyle to eating better and exercising regularly. If you want to accomplish these two goals it helps to slowly add each to your life, cold turkey will cause you to have food cravings and exercise out of nowhere can make you hate the idea of going to the gym. Introduce yourself to working out 3 times a week and substitute soda for water. Making small and consistent changes will create a long term change.

The second thing I think will help you to see accomplishments with your new goals is to be realistic, all the good and meaningful things in our life take time, work and persistence. Expect your first month to be all about finding a new routine and lifestyle. It is not a pass or fail, it is finding what works well for you while persevering through your goals towards the changes you wish to see.

The third thing that I hear from people each new year is how their world is going to be different in a major way and yet if you were to ask that same person what steps they are making to create change they have no answer. There is a strange expectation that when we tell others our new years resolutions it will just happen. Reality is, in order to have successful change and maintain that path of growth we need to have a plan. You never hear of a war where nobody had a plan. The best armed forces always have a plan, they are ready to adapt to anything that may hinder them on their path and they know how to overcome any obstacle that may provide an opportunity to succeed. Create a plan, set goals and make it happen.

Patience and understanding will come in handy through this next year. When you set goals and a plan you achieve them it is important to understand that you will fail. Do not let your failure become final, keep at it.


Remember these few things going into the new year.

1) Create A Plan And Set Goals

2) Take Time To Find Your New Lifestyle

3) Make Small Changes At A Time

4) Failing Is Normal, Get Up And Keep Going

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

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