Life Coach

My Neighbor

January 2nd, 2018

For the second day of appreciation I want to blog about my neighbor. We have a chainlink fence dividing our yards because he lives directly behind us. We have two Belgian Malinois that love to run around and guard our home. We live in a small mining community and most of the locals work at the mine which means everyone keeps strange hours. Our dogs always do an alert bark if they see a person or animal near our house. They have a furious bark if someone comes up to the fence or door. You can imagine the greeting they give Kevin at 4am when he comes home from work. Once they recognize who is walking through the neighbors yard, they calm down and walk up to the fence. Kevin will usually greet them by name and even play catch, only if they aren’t too ornery with him. Nike, the oldest dog will bring a toy to the fence line and when Kevin reaches for it to throw for him Nike will pull it away last second. He has a mischievous streak in him.

I am thankful for a neighbor that always has a positive attitude, that is a lot of fun to catch up with through our backyards and a neighbor that loves our dogs almost as much as I do. Thank you Kevin for being the greatest neighbor I have had yet.


P.S. Don’t worry, I have asked Kevin to inform me if the dogs ever bother him or bark when we are out of the house. I do not approve of dogs that bark without a reason. I worked very hard training both dogs to bark to alert or if something is wrong.


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