Life Coach


January 3rd, 2018

I love my home. I  live in a rural area in the middle of Nevada. It is a small and tight knit community. After having lived in California most of my life it was a bit shocking moving out to Nevada where the nearest Bank is 55 miles away and the closest Wal-Mart is a three hour drive. Thankfully I was raised in a small town in California so that helped ease the shock.

Nevada is full of amazing sights, you are almost limitless in exploring the outdoors and driving backroads. My husband and I love being outside, we enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, taking the quad out or our jeep. We took our two dogs out camping for Thanksgiving this year and it was a blast! Nevada has so many ghost towns to explore, there is free range cattle all over the place, wild horses, many abandoned mine sites and some great people with fun stories to tell.


We live in the high desert area our elevation is nearly 5800 feet. We are located in a valley between two enormous mountain ranges. These mountain ranges are full of beautiful trails, water falls, springs, creeks, old buildings and lots of wildlife. I can’t get enough of this State and I am always willing to explore more of it. If you ever get a chance come visit Nevada. There are so many hidden gems out here and I am so thankful to be living right where I am at.

Do you love where you live? If you do, remember that you have something to be thankful for. If not, why don’t you move? If you can’t move then what is one thing that you can do to change your attitude about where you live or improve where you are at? It can be as simple as you live close to your favorite store, the home you live in is cozy, you have a great view out your front window. The list goes on and on, believe me when I say you have something that you can find to be happy about with where you are right now.

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