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Authority In Our Nation

January 4th, 2018

For my fourth day of appreciation I want to say just how thankful I am for authority figures and leaders of my nation. The United States of America is an incredible place to live, filled with opportunity and so many rights that are in our Constitution. We have had some great leaders, Presidents and memorable voices that have helped shape and mold who we are as a people. I could not imagine where we would be today if it weren’t for Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin and yes, President Donald Trump.

You might become shocked by my list but before you take offense or stop reading let me challenge your thinking. I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat or anything else. There is something that I can find in each strong leader of our country to admire or agree with. I am thankful for a President that loves to handle money properly, a businessman that can create jobs and help businesses with taxes. Being a business owner it is going to add an incredible change for the bottom line.


I have not agreed with everything each leader has done in our nation but I can respect their position. I am curious to listen to opposing views and see angles that I might be overlooking and just to understand another person’s way of thinking. I will never forget 9/11 and the way that President Bush spoke while giving an update on the Twin Towers and The Pentagon. It was a day of sorrow for our nation and yet there was such unity in the way the speech was given. No matter our differences we must always come together to stay a United Nation Under God. That is what I pulled from his speech. President Obama, though I had a difficult time agreeing with much of his decisions I did appreciate the law he passed regarding HR218 President Bush had passed a law that honorably retired Law Enforcement Officers could conceal carry in all 50 states after 15 years of service. President Obama made a decision to change that to 10 years of service. That decision has made conceal carry for many good honorably retired Law Enforcement Officers that I have known.


No matter our differences of opinions or our beliefs it is important to remember we all think that what we believe is correct, take the time to ask questions, gather information and listen to others with different viewpoints to see where they are coming from and to understand them. You don’t have to agree but you can learn and ask questions.


I am thankful for the many great leaders of our nation in the past and present and I am looking forward to seeing who our great leaders will be in years to come.

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