Life Coach


January 5th, 2018


I love Christmas! It is my favorite holiday of the year. On December 26th I am already looking forward to the next year. There are too many things about Christmas that I love and it would be a very long blog post if I talked about each item individually so I am going to bullet point my favorite things.


– Christmas Trees (yes, one is not enough.)

– Cozy twinkle lights in the house.

– Bringing out the classic Christmas movies. (Christmas in Connecticut and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.)

– A hot drink cuddled on the couch with Christmas themed throw blankets and pillows.

– Buying fun and meaningful gifts for family and friends.

– Christmas sweaters or any Christmas outfits, jewelry, scarves, etc.


– Amazing food. I cooked two turkeys and four cheesecakes and our wonderful family brought over the usual side dishes. I could eat that meal all year.

– I love the house being decorated with a Nativity set, Santas, nutcrackers and candles that smell like vanilla or cinnamon!

– Christmas music 24/7

– Snow (there is nothing like a white Christmas)


I could go on and on with lists of things I enjoy about Christmas. As I said before I love this holiday in every way and it brings me true joy each December!

What is your favorite holiday and why? See there is something to always look forward to and appreciate. I like Christmas because it happens every year and I always seem to get happier during this time of the year. You will continually have a positive outlook on life when you can find things to appreciate.


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