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Self Employment

January 9th, 2018


This day and age just about anyone can become self employed from creating a product, selling an idea, buying a business or building something new from the ground up. I feel fortunate to have married a man that loves business, I can say that a huge reason I caught the business bug is mostly due to his zest for finding needs and filling them with new and helpful business ideas. We have two businesses that we run. One business is a gas station, convenient store, slot machines, laundromat and three business rooms that we rent out. The other business is storage unit rentals of several sizes. Each of these businesses have a bit of my heart and soul invested into them. I adore the employees at the first one and the second one is still in the early stages having just purchased it a few months ago. I can say one thing is for sure, owning your own business and being self employed is wonderful. It truly takes an abundance of time and determination to get your business to a point that it becomes self sufficient and yet it is the best step towards freedom.


  • You can create your own schedule.
  • You can provide a needed service in your community.
  • The amount of work you put into your business is directly related to your income.
  • You are not limited to what you can do. With our convenient store if there is a healthy food product or new fun gadget we want to try we sell them at our store.


  • You will have to be self motivated because your business will depend on you.
  • The start up will take all of your time before things fall into place and become stable.
  • Like most things, starting a business takes money and that is always a gamble. Make sure to bounce your idea off others and think through your goals and business plan.
  • Just like the pro above, the amount of work you put into your business is directly related to your income. Work your hind end off to build up your business.

self employed

There is nothing quite like being a self employed business owner, it’s a lot of work and worth each second! Check out Simon Sinek if you want business advice or leadership skills that will help in the work place. He has some incredible videos on youtube and a few books like Start With Why or Find Your Why. What is a business that you want to start and why do your want to start it? Why haven’t you started it yet?

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