Life Coach


January 11th, 2018

I appreciate people with passion. When someone does things not out of duty but out of a deep desire that puts electricity in the room, that it’s the kind of passion I am amazed by. I don’t care what people do but when they have passion for it, you can feel it. I have always disliked speaking to crowds or being anything close to the center of attention and yet I do admire Les Brown, Tony Robbins or John Maxwell who are all great motivational speakers. Their passion for what they do is contagious. Steve Jobs, Donald Trump or Mark Cuban are great businessmen and have all built their own empires. The passion they each have for business is catching and beyond brilliant. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King Jr. all created historical movements which brought about great change that was bigger than just themselves. The passion they carried for peace in different forms in this world is to this day still intoxicating.


I appreciate people that live out their passions. People that give and sow into this world with excellence and desire to do great things. If only 25% of the world lived with enormous passion first thing in the morning, could you imagine what tomorrow would look like? We would have such great things going on all around. I may not care for the things others are passionate about but I am always appreciative of people that live out their lives with passion.


What are you passionate about? What is one thing that if you never got paid a penny for doing you would still choose to do out of pure desire and love for that one thing? That’s your passion.

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