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Finds of 2017

January 12th, 2018

I appreciate finding new companies, products and gold mines that might get overlooked. 2017 was truly a year of venturing out and trying new things from foods to coffee brands and even companies that started up. I am just going to compile a list of a few of my favorite finds for 2017.


Black Rifle Coffee Company. The company carries a variety of blends that are all full of flavor and some that really give you a jolt to start your day. I have tried numerous coffee brands through the years and this one takes the cake. It is smooth and filled with a bold flavor. I love the coffee, but I love the company for supporting veterans in America and a large percentage of their employees are veterans. Gotta love supporting something great that stands for something even greater!


VitaCost. I have known about VitaCost for over a year now but I have made many orders through them. My favorite products are Desert Essence shampoo, conditioner, body wash, chapsticks, soaps, toothpaste and lotions. The best scent from their line is coconut. You can find natural, organic, vegan and other health conscience items on the web site. My last order included bath products from Desert Essence, protein powder from Vega, raw honey from YS Eco Bee Farms, Creatine from Muscle Tech the Essential Series Platinum and unscented Epsom Salt by White Egret. Check out the baking products, cereals, house cleaner products, makeup, vitamins, beverages and even pet supplies.

dollar shave

Dollar Shave Club. What a brilliant company, they have hit a home run with their products and easy set up plans. I ordered a razor from them and each month they send 4 new razor head attachments. Each month is an auto order shipment, I can add more razor heads if I want, add soaps or shaving cream, a backup razor handle or change up my order at any time. You can change your subscription to different razors or products, you can pause all orders until you want them to start up again and you can adjust the frequency of when your order ships, every other month is perfect for me. The common misconception with this company is that it is geared towards men. Originally I believe that is the intended buyer but the company is broadening their range and targeting more women. I love these razors more than the high end female razors because they tend to be  gentler on the skin.


I hope that you are able to try out one of these companies if they interest you. I have had nothing but a great experience with each one. I appreciate companies that provide good service, great products and that are easy to navigate for me, the buyer. I know that each of you reading this blog can think of one new thing that you have tried this year that has become apart of your routine or life. That is something you can appreciate or be thankful for. Don’t ever say that there isn’t something good going on, it might seem insignificant but I can truly be grateful for these companies and that gives me a little smile. If we counted every “insignificant appreciation” throughout our year how much would that truly add up? I say go ahead and appreciate the grand and that seemingly insignificant things in life, it just might make you live with a little more appreciation!

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