Life Coach

Goals: Set Them and Accomplish Them

January 13th, 2018

Overtime I have set many goals. I am a planner and I love creating specific goals and paths for the future. I have not always been able to stay on my specific route but I have been able to accomplish most of my goals that I have set for myself.

As the saying goes, “Shoot for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” That is not where everything stops though. Even if you miss the target, you are closer than you were before so keep at it. I don’t think that this saying was meant to imply you can miss your target and be ok with that. To me it means that if you stick to your route and your plans you might miss your mark but at least you are headed in the right direction. Keep your goals in front of you at all times and be flexible with the route.


Goals without dreams and desire are pointless. You will not keep working on your goals if there is no vision. Make sure you filter out the important and unimportant goals. Keep the ones that give you excitement or a challenge.

John Maxwell

Here is my theory about goals, write them down and keep them in front of you at all times until to accomplish them. The moment that I have written out my goals instead of just keeping them in my brain I have ignited a motivation to succeed. When you write out your specific goals they become real. I use the term specific because you cannot say I want to get in shape and hope that it magically comes true. Be specific! Within the next 6 months I will lose 10 lbs., I will be able to complete 50 sit-ups, run 4 miles without stopping, curl 20 lbs. or something as simple as go to the gym 3 days a week 30 minutes at a time. Set goals, be specific, drop anything that doesn’t challenge or excite you, be ready to change your path but never your goal and readjust and review your goals frequently to see what you have accomplished or what challenges you need to add.


Do you have goals for this week, month or year? What are they? What path are you on right now towards seeing them through? Don’t forget to partner goals with dreams. Your dreams with motivated you and keep your vision in front of you, the goals will keep you consistent and unwavering.

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