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Fuel The Body

January 15th, 2018

Anybody that knows me understands my love for food. I used to eat just to get something in my body so that I wasn’t hungry. After being overweight and eating horribly I had a change of heart, I needed health and a whole life. I became fit and lost the weight I had to then I looked at food as a resource to my well being. Many people get nervous about food when it comes to being healthy. Food is your greatest asset!


Try new foods. I so appreciate trying new foods and seeing what I enjoy eating. I am willing to try anything once and give it a fair chance. It is easy to get into a rut with food. It takes twice as much effort to think of a new meal as it does to just do the same old routine dinner. Being a child, we tend to eat what our parents put on the table. Those meals become our normal. When we are in a relationship or get married, we can take on our partner’s meal habits with a little of our own. I challenge you to think outside of the box, don’t just adopt your spouse’s food habits and don’t carry on your families routine meals just because that is what you are used to. Try new foods, when you like them try to incorporate your meals around that food. From that point you will start partnering your old ways of eating with new ones.

I’ve been trying new foods over the last 5 years consistently and happily. Over time, many of these new foods have become staples in my kitchen. When you try new foods and introduce them into your regular eating habits make sure they have wholesome ingredients from protein, vitamins, fiber and just packed full of beneficial nutrients. I love fruits, veggies, meat, carbohydrates and just about everything else except for fennel. I don’t know why but I just can’t handle the flavor of fennel seeds, on bread, in soups or even hidden in Italian food.

Below is a meal that I tried out today. I like to eat meats but tofu sounded easy to cook after going to the gym and I had never tried silken tofu before. The meal turned out great. I had leeks, bok choy, cabbage, carrots, tofu, chicken broth and spices. It was a quick, light, stir fry/soup that got me filled with some great nutritious and fun elements.

What is a food that you would like to try out? What is one item in your kitchen that you are in a habit of buying as opposed to enjoy eating? Get rid of it. Change up your eating by trying one new food a month, if you like it look up recipes that involve it and keep is as a part of your weekly meals. The food you put in your body should taste wonderful but it should also fuel you head to toe.

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