Life Coach

The Basics: Health

January 16th, 2018

What is something that we can all appreciate? Our health. It really doesn’t matter where you are at with your health because there is always someone worse off and another person better off than you. With those factors in mind you have something to truly appreciate.


Unfortunately we are not all born healthy and continue with excellent health throughout our lives. Many people go through obstacles with their well being. I was sick at 6 weeks old with pneumonia and had a good battle with that. Thanks to my parents attention and careful watch I got over it quickly. I’ve had a major surgery on my spine at ten years old, and got through that wonderfully. Back in September of 2017 I just had another surgery that went perfectly. In between those times I had gained and lost over 65lbs. from being stressed and unhappy in life to taking control and becoming myself.


With all the ups and downs in health that I have had over the years, I know a few things to be true. First, you always have something with your health to be thankful for. Did you wake up this morning? Are you breathing? Because you have your vision you are able to read this. The list goes on and on. Secondly, some people are in pain on a daily basis. If you are blessed enough not to deal with chronic pain you have something else to appreciate. Lastly, don’t take anything for granted because there are others in the world that would gladly take your worst day that would amount to their best day. What are you able to appreciate about your health today?


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