Life Coach

The Basics: Home

January 17th, 2018

Home to me is not a house or property, it is a place I look forward to being. Surrounded by peace and and comfort, home makes me feel rested and happy. Like my previous blog post about health, we take our home for granted. If you are ever in a bad way and have a difficult time finding appreciation for something then be thankful for the roof over your head.


I have lived in circumstances where home was not peaceful nor did I ever feel excited to go to. I was not in a happy relationship and therefor there was so much stress in my home. I guess I would call it a townhouse since it was far from what a home was meant to be. Even if your house/home isn’t peaceful or inviting you still have roof over your head that includes walls. Get down to the basics, you have something to be thankful for an again, something that a great portion of the world would not take for granted.

If you have somewhere that you can call home, that is tranquil and joyful then you truly are blessed. Appreciate the fact that you not only have a structure to live in, you have a home that half of the population would be envious of. A place that is safe and welcoming enough to be yourself in is not something to overlook. Know that you can appreciate your home, your place of rest and your castle that you can be 100% you in.

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