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The Basics: Friends

January 20th, 2018

This is my twentieth day of appreciation. Friendship, there is nothing like it. I have had my fair of friends over the years but my best friends have stayed close, one has even become family.


When I was born I immediately had friends. My family was close to another and they had two kids. When I turned one they had their third child and from that day on our families became inseparable. There was me and mom two older brothers and they had an oldest son with two younger girls. As young kids we did everything together. I have to say those were my first friendships that I truly appreciated! We are all still friends even though we are all over the place on this planet our hearts will always be connected. Love you Curtis (Jack) Joelle and Elise!


I met a girl that moved in next door to me when I was about six years old. That day is so vivid in my memory, I looked out the window to see a moving van next door, I went outside and then I saw a girl my age. I ran into my house and told my mom that I girl was moving in and I was going over to introduce myself and ask to hang out. Our friendship was immediate and unknown to me we would become family over fifteen years later when she married my brother. I am so thrilled to keep her in my life forever. She is a wonderful wife to my incredible brother and one of the best moms I have ever seen. Heather Dorn I love our friendship and being your sister!


Spring, no not the season, the person. She is a true friend that I have known since the age of twelve. We have been on so many vacations together from San Fransisco, Oregon, Las Vegas to Kansas and Missouri. Though we live states apart we are continually connected, I feel that each time we catch up no matter how long it has been we pick up right where we left off las time. I cherish our relationship and I know we will always be close best friends.



My oldest brother just got married a few months ago. I gained and friend and a sister. They both live in Florida and I have been in California and Nevada while they have dated so it hasn’t been easy to be as close as I want to. Erica is a perfect match for my brother and I so appreciate her in his life which in turn makes me adore her. She is a great person, sister and friend. Thanks to technology I am able to FaceTime with them often. I am so blessed to be able to visit with them even living on opposite ends of the United States of America. I love you Erica!


Ray and Mesha, you two are the coolest father and daughter duo on the planet. I appreciate your friendship more than you will ever know. I know that you were Craig’s friend first but I wanted to thank you for letting me steal you both for my friends as well. I love all of our range days, eating incredible food together and just catching up. You two are friends that I plan on keeping forever. Love you both very much!

awesome friends.jpg


It would take me ages to name each wonderful friend that I appreciate. Each of my friends have played a supportive, fun, comforting, crucial and loving part in my life. Sara, Cheyanne, Sherry, Stephanie, Cassie, Aissa, Lori, Brianna, Sierra, Dave, Nelson, Nicole, Scott, Niccole, and so many other please know that I appreciate you all. Thank you for being in my life, I am truly proud to call you my friends!


I know that I am fortunate to have so many friends in my life but if you  even have one or two friends, know that you have something incredible to be appreciative and thankful for. Never take a friend for granted make sure you continue to work on the relationship that you share because it is irreplaceable. Though we make many friends and new friends often, each one plays a specific and vital role in our lives. Cherish and appreciate every minute that you share together.



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