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The Basics: Outdoors

January 21st, 2018

This is going to be a short and sweet post. I love nature, can’t get enough of it. Going camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, walking, running, backpacking and bike riding in the outdoors makes me feel alive. I appreciate all different landscapes and terrains. I grew up in the mountains, moved to a small city in northern California and now am in the high desert of Nevada. I have had the privilege to have been many places in the United States and I have to say that out of each place that I have been I love the outdoors.

If you live by the ocean go outside and breath in the fresh air, listen to the sound of the waves and get the sand in between your toes. I’ve known some friends that have never seen an ocean so you have something to appreciated that you might just be taking for granted.

Valleys and fields have their own unique beauty that many don’t recognize. In the springtime you can smell all the new flowers blossoming, feel the warm breeze on a crisp day and early in the mornings look out and see the sun reflecting off the dew drops on the grass. Wide open spaces are not common in many areas, especially in big cities. If you have a valley or field where you live go out and enjoy your day, nothing relaxes your body and mind quite like being outside in nature.

Water is one of the most relaxing sounds on the planet, whether it is a stream, waterfall, lake or pond it is absolutely soothing as well as beautiful. Landscapes that involve water are pretty dynamic, you have all kinds of animals, plants and temperatures around it. I remember going to Burney Falls in California as a small kid. It was a hot summer day and I was in shorts and a t-shirt I was so warm but my mom insisted that we bring jackets with us to walk down to the bottom of the falls. I could not understand why she was so adamant that we have jackets, that is until I started descending the stairs towards the water. It had to have dropped over 20 degrees. I immediately put on my jacket when I was close to the water. To this day I remember the feeling of being so warm and then almost in a instant just feeling frozen by the mist that was blowing off the bottom of the waterfall. Not only is water beautiful, it is utterly mesmerizing.

The desert is an awe inspiring place to live. Where I am located it can get hot in the summer and below zero in the winter. We don’t get much of a spring or fall as much as just a transition week from summer to winter and vise versa. The desert has mountains, valleys, snow, cacti, trees and more animals than you would imagine. I love walking out to a backroad and going running with my dogs. It is so windy here that you pray the wind is on your side while running or else 2 miles feels like 10. I can’t get enough of the outdoors here, we do a lot of driving on backroads in our jeep or we go out on trials with either our quad or mountain bikes. I am so blessed to have the outdoors truly a quarter of a mile from my home.

Mountains, redwoods, pines trees, ferns and morning fog on creeping over the treetops, those are some of my earliest memories of the outdoors. Growing up in a tiny town in northern California and looking forward to my family’s yearly vacation to Cresent City where the redwood trees were everywhere and you could smell the ocean from our camp site. I would go fishing with my Grandpa or help my Grandma cook dinner, but most of that vacation our family was outside breathing the fresh air. I have to say that my Grandparents had a massive impact on my appreciation of the outdoors. My Grandpa loved to take us out on boats, hiking, fishing and grabbing the binoculars to check out an animal that seemed like a mile away, he had and still does have an eye for animals. My Grandma has always loved plants and flowers, she could go on a walk and tell you the name of every flower you would walk by. She loved birds as well, though plants were her specialty, she could tell what kind of bird was flying overhead. My Grandparents took me in nature all of the time and I inherited their love for it. I like trees, mountains, valleys, wide open fields, all types of bodies of water, you name it I have some form of love for it.

What is one distinctive characteristic about the landscape that you live in or nearby? Do you actually appreciate that specific beauty around you or are you taking it for granted? Even if you don’t love where you live you can find a facet that you truly do like, what is it?

5 thoughts on “The Basics: Outdoors

  1. I live in Ireland, so everywhere you look, its green. There are so many breathtaking views along the coast, and forests that swallow you in nature. I never truly appreciate it though, I’m so used to it at this point.

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    1. It is crazy how we take our surroundings for granted. It is actually a major dream of mine to visit Ireland. I am part Irish and my husband and I are saving to visit in three years from now. I want to see how green it is, the damp, cloudy and rainy weather makes me so happy! It is funny to think that I place that you live is a dream that I have had for years just to visit.


      1. Yeah it’s mad. I’m going putting a post up on Saturday about everything Irish and including pictures if you want to get even more jealous 😂 I have to say I’m sick of Ireland and it’s weather. I do understand why people love the green fields and that. It is quite amazing


      2. HaHaHa I would love to read your post and get a little bit jealous. We just got snow here today and we had about an hour of rain (which is rare) I can’t wait to see all of your pictures on your blog. When I need my fix for Ireland I just watch “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne and Maureen O’hara.


      3. Oh jeez we have had rain all day. The pictures won’t do it justice, really the best sights have to been seen in person. I’ve never actually seen it, but I’ve heard its a good representation


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