Life Coach

Good Drivers

January 22nd, 2018

It might seem small but I so appreciate good drivers. This world is full of drivers that should not even have a state drivers license. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that pass you on a highway and then slow down almost immediately to the point that you are forced to pass them yourself. Then there are the others that pick the far left lane (aka the fast lane) to slower than the average rate of traffic. You would think that they would become aware of fifty cars passing them on their right side along with a mean glare, if they are nice. I could go on and on about the bad drivers because they are so common. This post is appreciation for the good ones so here it goes.

Today I was out driving and where I live you have to come to a compete stop before turning onto a highway with the posted speed limit of 70mph. Sometimes you wait at that stop sign for a while because you either have to wait for traffic that is traveling so fast that you don’t dare pull out, or there are the drivers that fail to use their blinker to turn at the very intersection you are waiting at. I was so pleased earlier when I pulled up to the stop sign and saw a black car coming my way, they were about a quarter to a half mile away but going 70mph I don’t like having to step on it to get out of their way. I like to consider others while driving that way we all stay safe and have a peaceful drive without getting irate with each other. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this driver at almost 1/3 of a mile away was signaling, they were turning onto the road I was coming from. I saw that they were slowing down too, this incident made me realize just how rare good and considerate drivers are. Yes, this was a simple example but it really brightened my day to think that another driver was aware of me and did something that made me notice they were thinking of others. Thank you to the person driving that black car today.

I know this is a simple blog post but I think it is one that we can all have in common. Aggressive, unaware and thoughtless drivers can rely ruin our day or even someone’s life. That is why I want to notice the great drivers, the ones that look out not only for themselves but for others around them as well. The drivers that give a wave to you after you let them into your lane when you are not obligated to. Those drivers that pay attention to school buses and stop even when you don’t see children walking across the street. Thank you to the drivers that know and follow the rules and refrain from drinking and driving, texting while driving, drugs while driving and just stay alert and pay attention to what is going on around them.

What area of your driving can you improve in? What can you do to make someone else’s day in their car a little better? (Letting them in your lane, allowing someone to take the closer parking space at the store, yielding to people crossing the street or just using that magical turn signal that can make someone’s day feel valuable.) Try being kind to others, even in cars, you will be surprised how nice it is to have someone else look out for you as well.

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