Life Coach

Those Who Do

January 24th, 2018

We can each appreciate doers. Doers are the those people who even against all odds overcome obstacles to reach their potential and their own greatness. I am inspired by those who do. People that give up on life, their talents, their dreams and aspirations, those people do not inspire, motivate or encourage me. To be a doer you must say yes to your goals and dreams and do everything within your power to make sure that they happen no matter how hard it is or how long it takes.


There are many historical doers such as Albert Einstein who’s contribution includes Quantum Theory of Light which led to the invention of television. He discovered a ling between energy and mass that led to nuclear energy known simply as E=mc2.  Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Founders of Google). Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive officer of Amazon. Because of his doer personality he had a net worth of $110 billion. Usian Bolt has been clocked running at 27.44 miles per hour. Some people call him the fastest runner ever but there is an argument out because Justin Gatlin is the reigning 100 meter World Champion. With the different distances and races it is hard to judge who is the fastest man on earth but I am inspired by both of these men because they have each achieved a level of greatness most people would not even dream of. Ginni Rometty is a chairman, President and CEO of IBM her net worth is between 35-65 million (there are contradicting accounts of what her net worth is exactly). Margaret Knight, the 19th century inventor who was nicknamed “The Lady Edison” by journalists. She invented many things from machines that folded and glue the bottom of grocery bags, to rotary and internal combustion engines. I would say “The Lady Edison” was a great doer. My intention behind blogging about the great doers in this world is just a precursor so I can change your vision to see the great doers in progress all around you today.

Have you driven down the road and seen a 300lbs man or woman jogging. When I see that my heart soars, it that moment of time I become that persons biggest cheerleader. My husband and I will actually stop in the middle of our conversation and say things like, “get after it” or “oh man that is awesome”  and “great work, keep going”. Same applies at the gym. When I see someone come in the gym acting nervous, overweight and trying to hide their body I will go right up and say hi with a welcoming smile. I am not disgusted or staring at them, I am encouraged, because of them I am empowered. Every time I see someone running or going to the gym that are struggling with weight I am in awe. (I was over 200lbs at a point in my life and I know the struggle of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, being out of breath to just walk to the other end of the house and the feeling of hopelessness. Well, I felt all of those things until the day I became a doer.)

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There are more areas than just fitness and weight that I get inspired by. Last week I was feeling down. I let sadness and anxiety get to me, I was even feeling depressed. 2017 was a difficult year for myself and my family. It was eating at me, even though I was doing my regular routine, hitting the gym in the morning, getting ready for the day, eating healthy meals, getting work done, playing with the dogs and sitting down over coffee with my husband going over our 5 year plan. Even in my routine, in my comfort zone I was feeling low, but you know what makes you are doer? You do something. I was tired of the way I was feeling so I took a few hours to myself, got my mind right and made a plan to improve myself. My plan was to up my weights at the gym because if it doesn’t challenge you it wont change you, I rented inspiring movies to watch this week and I decided to keep my thinking and feelings in check. (Side note, it is important to feel and be sad and process through pain or anger, but I was at a point that I started to just mope and feel sorry for myself which is lethal to anybody.) I have watched Coach Carter, A Beautiful Mind, Mona Lisa Smile, Warrior and Erin Brockovich. These movies have been a constant reminder this week that I have plans for my life and greatness in my future, we all have those things in our future, we just have to keep focused and become doers.

What option will you select in life? Will you be known as a doer? Start today towards your goals, you will hurt, be uncomfortable, fail miserably at times and want to quit. Doers find success in their failures and continue on, so keep moving forward and be known as one of those who do.


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