Life Coach


January 26th, 2018

I apologize that this blog post comes a day late. Yesterday was not filed with errands nor was I excessively busy, I simply took the day to rest. We had that trip to Las Vegas and had a busy week. Let me just say it was overdue and much needed to take a day to relax, breath and enjoy the day with my husband. We watched a movie, got groceries and talked about our future plans.

Human beings love to categorize and prioritize things, what is important and necessary and what order things need to be filed in. Work is important, health is more important, family is first and hobbies come in last. We then make subcategories for each area and file those by most to least important. Is rest apart of your needs that you actually have value for? I think that we tend to overlook rest because we love to create, produce and make things happen. Rest can feel like it isn’t productive but it is just the opposite. Rest is key in performing at our best, feeling and looking our best. Professional athletes will tell you they get a good 8hrs of sleep each night and they takes naps in the day as well. Sleeping heals your body, it rejuvenates you critical thinking skills and improves your overall well being. If rest does all of these great things for us why don’t we have it up in our top 5 or at least top 10 priority list? Get your rest when it is needed and know that it has a purpose that is equal and even more important than most things we believe is key to a successful life.

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