Life Coach

Technology (Part 1)

January 27th, 2018

Technology is something that I have  a great appreciation for. There are so many shapes and forms of technology. They take care of so many of our needs. Technology is an amazing tool that we use in our everyday life.

We have Facebook to keep up with friends that may not live close.


Instagram to get our product out their and advertise.


Email to conduct business transactions.


We have phones to call loved ones.

FaceTime allows us to see and visit with others that can be in another country. I was able to see my niece and nephew for the first time thanks to FaceTime.


The internet is at our disposal, you want to learn something, just look it up.


Youtube allows us to watch videos on how to rebuild an engine.


You can travel with GPS and no need to question where you are, how long it will take to get there and all the traffic updates along the way.

The list goes on and on. We have so many options in technology to aide us in life, we even have robots to clean our floors automatically. There are more and more inventions in the works that my mind is just amazed by. I am so very thankful for the ease that technology had provided in my life. Thanks to technology we have connection with others, questions answered, assistance with our driving, business resources, ability to complete degrees from home and shopping without leaving our homes. There are numerous things to appreciate about technology and I feel fortunate to live in this day and age to see all the accomplishments and changes that are happening around us each day. What is your favorite part of technology? What do you find yourself attracted to most with technology? Is it a vice for you or an asset to your life?

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