Life Coach

The Brighter Side

January 29th, 2018

I appreciate the brighter side of life. It is easy to live a cynical and negative life but with a little effort you can look at things with a new perspective. Life is truly full of great things in each and everyday. What motivated me to post about this topic was from the things that I read while scrolling through Facebook today. There were some bits of news, funny animal videos but the majority consisted of negative posts about hardships and just flat-out complaining. Let me clarify by saying that I can understand people sharing about something happening in their life that has impacted them or hurt. I don’t care for the posts that are just constant about all the bad things going on. We are all capable and bigger than our circumstances. We are more powerful than we know, able to overcome all obstacles, we are victors and not victims.

Here is list of a few things to see in your life that you can appreciate:

  1. Laughter. Whether it is from a funny movie or talking to a hilarious friend, nothing replaces the joy that laughter brings. Like they say, laughter is the best medicine and it gets you out of your pity party moods.
  2. Talking to a friend when you are down. I don’t mean on social media, there is no reason to air all of your aches, pains or dirty laundry for everyone to see because that creates an environment for yourself to become a victim and allow others enable your self pity. Not a healthy option for success in your life. When you are having a hard time either meet up with someone for coffee and talk or call a friend on the phone. Be real! Tell a friend that you trust exactly what you are dealing with, more than likely just having someone else know and being able to get it out will take care of at least half of the issue itself. My only recommendation before talking to someone else is to identify what you need from them out of the conversation and let them know before you start. Do you need someone just to listen? Do you want advice and help? Do you want a back and forth conversation to see if they have ever felt the same way?
  3. Weather. I went out running with my dogs yesterday. It was beautiful out, the sun was setting and I had to hurry to get back before it got dark. There was a crisp breeze and the air smelled sweet of sage. The clouds were big, white, puffy and filled the entire sky. I can appreciate the weather everyday for one reason or another. A few days ago it was bitter cold outside but there were a flock of birds out the front porch and they were going crazy chirping. Even though the temperature was too cold to enjoy, I could still appreciate the crazy birds that were having the time of their lives.
  4. The things that you have. I’ve mentioned it before, we all have something to be thankful for and more than likely there is a long list of items that we poses that others only dream of having. I am blessed to have dogs, live in a gorgeous town and state, share a marriage with the world’s greatest husband, good health, a gym down the street to go to and wonderful friends and family that care about me.
  5. The basics of our body. Do you have your fingers and toes? Do you have all your limbs? Are you senses intact (Hearing, Seeing, Taste, Smell, Feel)? Are you in good health? Are you capable to complete your daily living without assistance? See how you can go on and on about the things that we just overlook constantly.
  6. Nature. Go outside and look around you. Whether it is flowers, trees, birds, bushes, butterflies or any other living creature or landscape you can find things all around to be amazed by. Appreciate the little things because they can add up to be a large part of your life.
  7. Being alone. Not in the sad and lonely way, but the time that you have to yourself to analyze your life and the things that you are appreciative of and those things that you still want to work on. I feel that we associate alone as being sad, lonely or bored to the contrary I feel that being all by ourself is key to seeing value in the day to day and prioritizing the goals we have set before us. Take your time alone to improve, read a book about finances, business, self discovery, art, writing or any category that you are interested in or have a yearning to learn about.

We are all born into this world with the same opportunities. We may have different living situations, different upbringings, different amounts of stability and so many other things that make us different. All men are created equal but some just work harder than others. We are all given 24 hours each day some use them to make something for themselves while others are busy complaining about all the things going wrong. What you focus on and talk about will become your vision and your future. Learn to look at the good things and the challenges so that you can achieve and overcome and grow into your greatness. If you feel that you were born into this world with the cards stacked against you I have a bit of advice, stop using your challenges in life as your tools to receive pity from others. Overtime I have learned that the things that were against me or disadvantages made me crazily determined to triumph over them. It might take me five years to learn how to rebuild an engine whereas it would take under a month for a mechanic to do the same. My point is not that everything is going to be easy for each person equally but that there is opportunities for each of us to accomplish the same thing if we apply ourselves. Our lifestyles are going to be so different from each others and our environment with heavily influence our futures. I do know that we can each accomplish anything that we want to if we use our 24hours a day and 7 days a week to the fullest. You are more capable than you know and every morning that you wake up and open your eyes you have something to appreciate.24 hr.jpg

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