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Myth of the “Beach or Summer Body”

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Have you heard the term, “beach body ready” or “summer body”? I have seen billboards that have those stated as questions. “Is your body ready for summer” or “do you have your beach body”? You know what phrase comes to mind when I see or hear these statements or questions? Bull#@^&!

Many people change their, fitness, eating and lifestyle when the months get warmer. There is a panic that washes over and anxiety to get the perfect body before it’s time for full blown summer. Let me get this straight, people put a massive amount of effort into getting “perfect” for a few months out of the year only to crawl back into baggy sweatpants and an oversized hoodie topped off with a plate of cheesecake on the couch. I haven’t even mentioned the money that people fork out towards, three months of gym memberships, spray tans, diet supplements, vegan and gluten free health snacks, protein powder and bars, weight loss shakes and so much more.

beach body

I love when people get healthy, I love to see others living a whole and happy life. I don’t like watching people fall victim to cycles, fads, trends or continual relapses. If you feel that any of the above statements are true in your life let me challenge your thinking with this idea. Think of all the effort, time, money, stress and heartache you put into the few months leading up to summer. Imagine if you will, instead of working like crazy a few months each year, how about you change your lifestyle. Stay healthy, eat properly, exercise daily, year round and feel good in your own skin no matter what season it is. Maintaining a healthy way of living is much more simple than trying to starve yourself to fit into societies standards of beauty. I know this might come across as a harsh blog post but it’s real, I lived it. I was overweight and hated summers, I was insecure, embarrassed, ashamed of how I looked but more importantly deep down inside I knew my life choices were creating a poor quality of life. It doesn’t matter if you are too big or too small, too pale or insecure, you have the demand set on your life to life fully. As long as you are healthy and happy you are doing it right.

Make changes everyday towards a healthier life. Instead of watching a movie after dinner, go out for a short walk. Don’t eat cake for dessert every night, try switching it out for a bowl of fruit or peanut butter and honey with celery. You would be surprised how many ways you can satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy options. Instead of walking on the treadmill at the gym, throw in some weight lifting too. Change things up, don’t become stagnant. Life isn’t meant to be ritualistic, throw new things into the mix. Try riding that bike covered in dust tucked away in your garage, track how long you walk with a fit bit and challenge yourself to walk an extra 5-10 miles each month for starters, get rid of the soda as fast as possible, yes the bubbles are wonderful so try La Croix they are fruit flavored carbonated drinks and I love them when I crave something bubbly. I can’t remember the last time I drank a soda, I don’t even feel like I want one when I see them.

Give yourself a chance and time. You will backslide while getting healthy, don’t get mad and most certainly don’t give up. My biggest rule after taking care of my body with food and exercise is don’t refuse yourself the good stuff. What I mean by that is simply because I take care of myself and have now for a solid five years, I never keep myself from eating or drinking things that I want. I don’t eat a massive bag of chips and a bucket of ice cream, I have normal portions or what I want when I want it. If you find that you have a serious weakness for something look up healthy options of the same things or find recipes to make it yourself. Pancakes for example, you can get the processed bag of powder, add chocolate and drown it in processed syrup or you can get whole grain, pancake mix, add fruit and top with raw honey or natural maple syrup. Little steps go a long way. Try it out you might find things you like and you might realize that you can have a healthy lifestyle year round.

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