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Traveling is something we can all agree on, it is causes changes to our routine. A regular day at home provides me the opportunity to live out my normal day. Breakfast, gym, work, dog walking, lunch, chores/errands, catching up on the businesses, dinner a movie or reading and then bed. On the road my days change and it is hard to keep up a routine. I am a creature of habit, I love structure in my life. It is enjoyable to plan ahead and know what I have on my to do list each day, week, month or year.


My family and I spent 6 days in Arizona this week and it was a blast. I may not have had my regular meals and snacks to keep my body at its peak but I tried my best. There was not a gym at each hotel but I worked out at one and did a bit of stretching each night to keep limber. One thing I was able to keep up on was drinking enough water. I regularly drink a gallon a day. Please know that I don’t recommend that everyone drink that much but my body requires it since I live at altitude and in a dry climate not to mention the physical lifestyle I keep up with. Here are some tips for travel to keep your routine and stay healthy. Some of these tips are things I did and others are things I wish I had done.


  1. Get a bottle and keep track of your water intake. When you stop at fuel stations just fill up instead of paying $2.00-$4.00 per bottle. Skip the soda and drink water. Water hydrates and it is much better for your body.
  2. Eating out doesn’t need to be a challenge. That doesn’t mean you need to eat salads only either. Get the burger and make your sides healthy (steamed vegetables, salad or fruit.) Again, drink water instead of a milkshake or a soda. Most people drink their calories.
  3. If you need to eat but you are not crazy hungry, go find a juice or smoothie bar. Look for organic though or it will be fruit flavor mixed with a ton of sugar. Most organic juice and smoothie bars have options for everyone and add ins such as protein powder, fiber add ins and other options that just add to the drink.
  4. If you want to save a little money, eat the continental breakfast at the hotel. It may not have everything you want but there are good options. Don’t eat the white toast, get the whole wheat oat filled bread for a punch of fiber. Grab that fresh banana or apple for a serving of fruit. For a complete breakfast I need some protein as well. Get some eggs, yogurt or granola with peanut butter. Oatmeal is almost always served with options to add in from fruits, nuts, granola pieces and milk, add that all together and you have a hearty and healthy start to your day.
  5. Let’s talk about exercise. I was able to hit the gym at one hotel, I prefer to workout in the morning because it is a good start to my day but we checked into the hotel in the evening had dinner and then hit the gym. They only had dumbbells a cable machine and a few cardio machines. We were able to do a variety of workouts, you have to get a little creative though. I finished off with a 2.25 mile jog on the elliptical. That was a great feeling after sitting in the car all day. If the hotel doesn’t have a gym, stretch! You can stretch anywhere. Being limber keeps you from getting injured, when your muscles are warmed up and flexible you are less likely to pull something. One of the biggest issues that older people have is falls, the main reasons people get injured from a fall is the lack of flexibility. For a visual, think of a dry branch and you are bending it, it is going to break. Now imagine a fresh tree branch that is still green, when you bend it it is going to change form without snapping in half. Your body is like a branch it is your choice to be one or the other. Exercise and stretching will get blood flow through your body which keeps you limber and heals your body as well. Being inactive will cause you to become like that dry branch. Do not worry though, I don’t care what age you are or where you are at with your health it only takes a split second to start the change from the dry and brittle branch to becoming the green and limber one.
  6. Lastly, bring exercise clothes. If you don’t bring stretchy clothes I know that you will not be exercising. Don’t give yourself and excuse or an easy way out.

Those are a few of my tips. I hope in the future I will figure out better and easily accessible hacks for staying healthy on the road. Feel free to comment what your best tip is for staying in good health while traveling. Remember that no matter where you are and what you are doing it is imperative that you stay healthy and keep your body working at its full potential.

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