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Is It Too Much?

The other day I popped onto social media and saw that the first three posts from people were negative or absolutely pointless. I don’t mind a funny cat video or a political meme here and there but I can’t stand when others are posting simply for attention, pity or to air their tales of woe. We all have bad days and there are things that each of us have to genuinely complain about. I challenge you to rise about it. What do you think happens to others when they read your post about how horrible your day was, the fact that you feel like crap or your every ache and pain. Nobody wants to start their day off with negative posts that have no purpose.

Social Media Logotype Background

When you are feeling off or down before you take your emotions over to social media, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your post create a positive attitude in others?
  2. If you are sharing a negative story does it have a good outcome or a lesson learned that you can share with others to help improve their lives?
  3. When you want to post about an ache or pain in your body are you looking for advice on what to do to get better, Dr. recommendations, sharing things that have helped you overcome the pain. Or are you merely posting because you feel miserable and you are satisfying the need for others to pity you.
  4. There is a difference between complaining and sharing actual information. When you have something sad happen in your life, others do want to know about it to offer their support and love. Do not post in a way that comes from anything else but strength, courage, positivity and growth. You are more capable than your bad days.
  5. Before you go to vaguely insult someone, why don’t you call them and settle things. This approach is harder but more worth while. Not only does it cause you to grow but it can also rescue a damaged relationship and build it back up. Blindly insulting someone will surely end whatever relationship you could have worked on with that person.
  6. If you are second guessing yourself, “Should I post this or not?” More than likely you should not. Listen to your gut instinct.
  7. Will the post help or hurt your future? Everyone can see things that you put out on the internet. Your boss, family, friends, future employers etc. Do you want everyone to know the things the things that you have put online?
  8. Spare the details. It is not good to share too much over social media simply for safety reasons. Don’t post your acceptance letter online with your name, address, phone number and email all showing. That is a great way to encourage bad things to happen. Break-ins, fraud and identity theft. Double check what you allow others to see.
  9. Posting negative things only promotes negative thinking. When you take the time to think about how angry you are then formulated it into a post all you have done is wasted valuable time that you could have used focusing on the things that are going right in life. When you are angry it is important to find out why you are feeling that way and do something to change your mood. Work on yourself daily and you will find yourself in a happier world.
  10. If you are feeling down, angry, hurt, disappointed or hopeless, GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! You won’t find your joy, peace or hope looking at what your friend ate at lunch or the trip a family member went on in Spain. When people are not doing well we tend to compare and look at things with a negative viewpoint. Instead of loving the way someone’s meal looked and deciding to try out that restaurant we can think, “She looks a little heavy, she should have gotten a salad and not a steak and shrimp meal.” Or we could think, “I can’t believe my family member is in Spain, they are just showing off that they have a lot of money.” It is easy to turn something great into a bad situation. Stay away from things that give you a place to have a negative outlet. Go for a walk, hit the gym, read a chapter of your favorite book, write down 5 things you are thankful for.


Social media has become a venting forum. People get online and post whatever comes to mind without thinking things through. You are not held accountable online so why bother caring what you put out there? People read what you post. You need to be putting out positive posts, new ideas, something funny to start someone’s day with a smile, random facts, personal experiences that have changed, shaped or brought joy to your life. Post about yourself if you want to encourage others that might be dealing with battles you have encountered in your past, share if you need help if you are truly not doing well in life (talking to someone else honestly will help you get a better perspective on life). Tell others about your ups and down from a place that isn’t about pity or “woe is me”.  Know that what you put out there is always going to be out there. Make an impact share knowledge, insight, helpful information and funny dog picture because who doesn’t like a funny dog! (I’m obsessed with dogs) Don’t take the time to post negative things because you are taking time out of your beautiful day to dwell a little longer on crap instead of experiencing the growth of overcoming your yuck!


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