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Notice The Progress You Make

Hello Everyone. It is so good to back on here. I spent the summer working and then a few months in our businesses around the clock. Things are running smooth now. My husband and I took a motorcycle trip across the United States again last month (a blog post will be dedicated solely to that trip soon). Now we are settled back home living our normal life again.


Isn’t it easy to grow in life and never notice it for ourselves. I mean look at a child and in 6 months from now they seem to be a whole new little person. The same goes for us as adults, mind you we don’t look as different or acquire new skills quite so drastically but we do change and we make progress.


There are ways to review our progress. We can see how we are doing when everything in life is going right, the success we have had in our jobs, marriages, hobbies, friendships and other forms of status growth. These are all awesome avenues to check out our progress and we can see it easily. Are we getting raises at work? Does your spouse appreciate you? Have we accomplished tasks or projects that make us feel proud? Do we have our friends calling us up wanting to spend more time together? These are wonderful and quick ways to gauge how we are doing in life. How about another way to review our progress, what about analyzing how we do when life is tough, when nothing seems to be going the way we planned, when we feel that we are at our lowest point? It makes things so much harder to examine when we are not feeling like we are on top of world. When we feel lost in the world, when we have a lack of direction or feel as though we are just living day to day without great accomplishments. I feel that this time in life you can really see what you are made of and how much progress you have truly made.


As many of you know last year was the hardest one I have ever lived through losing my Dad and Grandpa within months of each other, having surgery, starting a new job, buying a new business as well as starting one up, I mean the list goes on. Everything about last year was one of many firsts for me. I was out of my level of comfort and understanding, it was all unknown and difficult but I was able to get through it and I am a better person because of all of it! I can review the last year and pinpoint all of my highs and lows, and in the midst of those different times I can see a lot of good progress. Let me give you a few examples in hopes that it might help you to view your progress when things are excellent or when they are difficult.

  1. When I was dealing with the pain of my Dad and Grandpa’s deaths I cried and shared emotion with my husband. That is progress for me. When I have dealt with pain in the past I would isolate myself and not share my feelings with anyone.
  2. At work this summer I talked with my boss after a few months and they mentioned that they talked to a few of my co-workers about me and they all had positive things to say about me and my work ethic. I love getting feed back that I am doing a good job somewhere, it makes me value what I am doing as well as know about areas that I can improve on.
  3. This was my most embarrassing moment in life to date. While my husband and I were on our motorcycle trip we checked out Washington D.C. and while we were out touring around by way of the subway system I got a massive migraine. Mind you when I get a migraine they are debilitating and the pain gets so bad it is hard to move, see, hear or talk, the bonus is that I usually throw up. We make our way from lunch towards the subway to get back to our hotel because I feel the headache turning into a full blown migraine. We find our route and board car #8. The car is pretty full and people all around a doing work on their laptops, talking to their friends or just staring off into space. We have four stops left and my head feels like it splits wide open, I turn to my husband and say, “I’m going to throw up.” He begins to answer me and at that exact moment it seemed as though Mount Vesuvius erupted. I throw up all over the floor, wall, door, my own feet and magically the mess gets on me as well. When I think things can’t get worse I am filled with embarrassment and people are quietly moving farther away from me. I start feeling nauseated and the subway stops, the doors open and I feel that I have to exit or I will die. We get off car #8 and sit on a bench. Knowing that we are two short stops from the shuttle that takes us to the hotel we board the next train. We sit through both stops without incident and exit, then it hits me. I breathe fire through my mouth and nose at the top of the stairs. I make two steps and for the third time (which I am now a pro at throwing up in front of people) I turn towards a wall and let my stomach do it’s thing. Once that is all done we go up more stairs and an escalator to our shuttle. We make it to the hotel, I peel my clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories off and shower. I did end up being sick until 4am the next day. My husband was a champ, he helped me every step of the way, he tried cleaning me off, got me water to sip, paid the shuttle driver extra to drive smooth, got us room service and kept all the lights low in the hotel until I felt better. Even in the most embarrassing situation of my life I can gauge my progress. I was able to keep moving through my embarrassment when in past situations I would freeze up and just stop doing anything. Usually when I get a migraine in the past I would get mad or grumpy this time I just dealt with it at face value. I truly think that when we add a poor emotion to already negative things we just cause bigger problems. In the moment I was able to be thankful for my husband, appreciate getting cleaned up in the shower, having finances to get room service and that our health is such a delicate thing that we need to always be thankful for.
  4. With the new business I deal with new customers often. I can see progress in myself because I started out by being shy, unsure of how to handle issues or not a very good communicator. I have worked on being a better communicator and realized I am a pretty confident and social person. Now when I meet new customers I am excited to get to know them, handle their issues in a way that makes them know they are cared about and I actually do love talking with others and helping them out any way I can.


It is possible to have progress in life during all different stages. You are growing more than you know and you will continue to progress in life. Give yourself a break and be kind when things are trying. When you are on cloud nine try to value those moments and soak them up fully. We are all constantly changing and growing, do your best to see the positive in each moment. The silver lining to your bad days is being able to look back in life and see your progress. Noticing your progress makes you appreciate your life, it makes you thankful for ability to get over obstacles just a little bit easier, it forces you to see the good in yourself even when you are at your lowest. Believe in yourself, open your eyes to your progress and appreciate the greatness that you are accomplishing each and every day!


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