Moxie Monday

Moxie Monday: Always Your Best

Today as I sipped coffee with a friend, we talked about how important it is to be the best version of yourself. We talked about the correlation between presenting yourself with high standards at all times and how that creates an environment to be your very best. I am sure we have all had that day where you feel like crap, you are in your grungy clothes and you just don’t want to do your usual routine to get ready for the day. On those days there always seems to be errand or chore that must be done and it involves going out in public. You think to yourself, I can manage to go to the store, the bank or the post office and slink back home without anyone seeing me at my worst. You ever hear of the phrase “too good to be true”? On those days it never fails, I see more people that I know than at an event on the 4th of July!

In all seriousness I am a firm believer that the more effort we put into ourselves each day the better our day will go. Between my husband and myself we own three businesses and each have jobs, we live in a small and wonderful community where everyone knows each other. Even though my home is an easy going and relaxing place I pride myself in putting my best foot forward at all times in all that I do. I know that on days I wear an outfit I like, do my hair and makeup my usual styles and take a few extra moments to prepare for the day without being in a rush, I am off to a brilliantly fresh and successful start. My day goes as smooth and effortless as I could hope for. As time goes on you will start to realize that a routine of doing and being your best, you no longer have a best foot to put forward because both feet are always at their very best not in an effort but because that has become your new normal everyday standard. I am going to share my tips for having a successful day and feeling professional and ready to meet anyone at any given moment of your day. How can we feel confident, professional and successful in our pajamas?

Wake Up Early: If you have a morning meeting or an early day at work, give yourself even 30 extra minutes in the morning. I usually get up two hours ahead of time. One hour is dedicated to a shower and my regular morning routine. The other hour is for a hot cup of coffee, playing with my dogs, reading a chapter in whichever book I am reading at the time, eating a good breakfast, stretching or meditating and then writing in my daily journal of “99 Things That Bring Me Joy”. With those two hours I feel prepared, accomplished, ready to tackle the day with passion and happy.

Dress Your Best: Wear an outfit without holes. Don’t go out in your pajamas. Imagine that you are going to a job interview, are you going to show up in your plaid pajama pants and fuzzy slippers? People create a judgment instantly with one look. That might sound rude or harsh but it is a reality. What are you putting out there? Are you a person with high standards that can be taken seriously or do you appear to be a 30 year old that thinks they are in their own living room? There have been studies that when people dress well ( I do not mean name brands or expensive items. ) they feel proud of themselves which creates a sense of satisfaction and triumph. When a person looks nice they get complimented, these little words have a great deal of power. When someone receives a compliment it releases feel good chemicals in the brain known as endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. You don’t need to dress up for compliments but that is something that is to be expected when you are putting effort and pride in yourself as well as your appearance. What happened to the good old days when people would get dressed up to go on an airplane. Flights we’re elegant and refined, people had manners and created an environment where you didn’t mind sitting next to them. How about we bring some of that class back to our everyday life?

The Simple Things: Always brush your teeth, comb your hair, shower and wear clean clothes. You may be laughing as a vision of your mother goes through your head as you read this but it is necessary and sometimes forgotten. It really is the simple things that build you up to having your best day. Make your bed each morning because no matter how your day goes from there you can count on the fact that you started off with one achievement. Do the simple things,  once you have mastered those daily then move up to the bigger things. Just like at a job, when you show that you are responsible and reliable with the small things like being on time, doing all of your required work and interacting well with your co-workers you will be viewed as good employee with potential to handle the more important things which go hand in hand with more responsibility, raises, tasks and bonuses.


Health: There is no point in doing all of these things and working on your success if you are not going to stay healthy doing it. Eat good meals, exercise, drink plenty of water and do things that bring you joy. People that are happier than others tend to live a better and longer life. Studies have shown that people who own a pet live longer. Why? Because they bring you purpose and joy. Eating well and exercising are key to a successful life when you put healthy and nourishing things into your body it performs at its best. Take care of yourself and you will reap the rewards.

Do More Than Expected: There have been people that I have worked with that do the bare minimum every single day just to make their paycheck and clock out at the end of the day. I know others that work with integrity in such a way that they stamp their name on their work. Some people work for money and others show themselves in their work and they outshine all others. Be the latter. Work in such a way that your boss knows everything was completed and it was done with excellence. Sign your name to each things you though. I will go out of my way to check and double check that my work is more than acceptable but that it is exceptional.

All we have in life is our character, our morals and our standards. What are you made of and is it something to be proud of?


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