Moxie Monday

Moxie Monday: Productivity And Sickness

The last month I have been dealing with Influenza A and it has been a real pain. My husband and I passed it to each other and let me tell you it can be exhausting to deal with. The biggest nuisance is just feeling weak from it. I have a very active lifestyle and it isn’t easy to be down more than a day or two max. I know there are a lot of people that have been dealing with colds, the flu and other sicknesses right now, and just being laid up for a while. I have compiled a list of things that you can do while resting that also can benefit you in the long run. I know there are lists of things to do while sick but most of those involve a movie, tea, food and reading. I wanted to make a list of things for those people that constantly need to grow or be productive in some way.

  1. Organize files. As a business owner I have many files that always need a good clean up and some organizing. Between my husband and myself we own three business and all of the files need to be cleaned up and streamlined. If you don’t own a business you can work on your personal files, taxes, important documents, making sure all of your policies are up to date, balance your bank account and create a binder or file organizer for all of your personal papers.
  2. E-mail. We often need to clean up our email. I have access to five different email accounts, three for the businesses, one for my personal use and the last of for professional use. I am always needed to catch up on something, respond to others and trash lots of spam. It doesn’t take much brain power but it is satisfying and easy to do if you are stuck at home feeling a little under the weather.
  3. Resume. Your resume is in constant need of an update. You work different jobs, gain new skills and can add that into your always growing resume. It might not be the most fun thing to do but when you need it handy it is so nice to have a file saved with the most current resume ready to go. I like to keep a master copy that has every job and all information about my various work experiences that way, when I apply new places I can specifically apply for the job and copy and paste items from my 4+ page master resume. Trust me it is nice to have it updated every few months, and what better time to fix it up than when you are chilling at home.
  4. Create Something Useful. I love to do things and I enjoy crafts. While I was sick I worked on my first ever quilt. I have always wanted to make one but never set aside enough time to even start it. While I was sick I cut out a cardboard template and found lots of material I wasn’t using, shirts that I was getting rid of because of holes and a few blankets that my lovely dog had almost completely demolished. I cut them all the same size one day. The next day I began sewing. I now have the face side of my king queen size quilt complete. So try making something that you need, something that brings you joy, an item that someone else really wants or anything that you can find a use for. Ps. Wait until you are all better before giving anything you make to another person. Nobody likes a germ spreader. (Just ask my husband. Hahahaha.)
  5. Closet Downsize. This week I put in a good movie and got all of my dresser drawers in the living room and went through every item I owned. The question with each item was, “Is this useful” or “Do I love this”? If the answer is no then out it goes. I am now two large trash bags lighter and much happier with the items I have kept. I am someone that enjoys a little room in my closet, it makes me feel like I can breathe a little. You might be shocked at what you find sitting in your closet and maybe you will stumble upon a forgotten treasure. Either way you look at it, I like my closet more now and I have some great quality items that I get to donate as well.
  6. Clear Out Garage Storage. During this month I cleared out our business storage unit and collected all of our themed holiday storage bins. I love to decorate our store for each season and holiday. This is new and something that I am still working on but it has been lots of fun. I gathered over 12 boxes and brought them home. Set them out in my living room. Put a movie on and began sorting each item into their proper box and labeling each box with a a specific season or holiday. This is a bit tedious and time consuming but it doe spay off when St. Patricks Day or Easter comes around the corner and I can just pick up on specific bin and take it to the store.  I have found the more organized my life is the better quality of life I have because it frees up my energy, time and brain power.
  7. 5 Year Plan. I am a firm believer that everyone should have flexible 5 year plan at least. My husband and I like to discuss our ever changing plan every few months. Our goals stay the same but our path to achieving our goals can take tweaking and adjustments continuously. Write out your plan, it can be altered, it can change or you might accomplish all of the things written out in that exact order. Having a plan gets you moving in a direction that you have chosen and if you end up making changes at least you are moving in a direction that brings you joy and fulfillment and you are not just a stagnant person unsure of life. We have a loose 10 year plan, a solid 5 year plan and a concrete 2 year plan. Things will change and need to be adjusted but keeping our plans in front of us create an environment of passion, accomplishment  and success. Keep in mind that is our joint plan, we each have our own goals that we have set for ourselves and individuals. So bear that in mind if you are single or a couple. Always keep your individuality and know that you will have things you want to accomplish that are not meant for your spouse to accomplish too.
  8. Skip A Movie And Watch Something Informative. It is easy to just watch mind numbing movies while we are sick. Binge watching a show is eve more tempting. My husband is a pro at learning new things all the time. He watches documentaries about gold mining, ghost towns, war, building rocket mass heaters, living off grid, how to make a off road trailer, working on trucks and jeeps, I mean this man is a library full of history and how to’s. I enjoy making things and I don’t mind researching something if I don’t know what I am doing. I truly love watching personal growth and self help Ted Talks. Instead of watching a regular show or movie last night we sat down and checked out The Hornet’s Nest. It is a historical documentary done by a father and son in Afghanistan following American troops through combat during a 9 day period. After watching this I felt truly blessed by those that serve and served our military and I pray for those that are in the midst of battle today. Watching American troops from the comfort and safety of my own home causes to me reflect at how good and easy my life really is and it is all thanks to those men and women that are willing to fight for our daily freedoms that we so easily take for granted. Instead of sitting down and watching your regular show tonight, try picking out a documentary on something that you would like to learn more about or an instructive show that teaches you how to do something that you would like to try. Choose a productive outlet from time to time, you might just learn something new.

I hope that these 8 things help to get you thinking outside of the box in your daily life as well as when you are stuck at home feeling under the weather. I can say I have tried each of these things this past month and feel like my time healing has been worth while and productive. I have been eating healthy and resting lots too but on my good days it feels wonderful to get things done. Try some of these out and let me know what you think. If you have any productive ideas to do while you are sick please share them with me, I am eager to try out some new things.

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