Moxie Monday

Moxie Monday: You Will Find What You Seek

What are you looking for? Are you chasing happiness? Are you looking for a good job? Are you wanting good friendships? Are you looking for evidence that supports your beliefs? Are you looking to acquire a new skill? We are all passionate about something in life. We are on a continuous journey towards accomplishments, success and finding what we are looking for.

Did you know that we actually attract what we are seeking in life? When your focus is honed in on the one thing that you so desperately want and you eat, sleep and drink that thing in, you will attract it to your life. You hear about all these different “Greats”, these ordinary people that became extraordinary. These people had one vision, one thing that they ran after, they became great at that thing because that was where their attention was. On the flip side, you can attract a bunch of crap too. When you allow yourself to sit in your pity party and think on the negative things in your life, you will find yourself looking for supporting evidence all around that reenforce those poor thoughts that you are having. Dwell on how bad or hard your life is and you will surely see that you are not wrong. Think about what a horrible day you are having and that it can’t get better and I guarantee that you will find negative things that support your feelings all day long. When I wake up and feel off from my normal self I think of three things that I am thankful for. Focusing my mind and attention on positive things makes it very difficult to have any other emotion from thankfulness. It is really hard to have a bad day when you start it off with being thankful for the town you live in, being in a healthy, fun and adventurous marriage and loving the people that you get to spend time with that day. Trust me, if you start your day off with that question you will feel your outlook on life shift.


I challenge you to shift the things that you allow yourself to dwell on, the things that you seek and the things that you are chasing. Run towards good things, towards positive thinking, towards self love, towards caring for others, chase your passions, the very things that keep you awake at night asking yourself “what if”, run after the possibility that what you focus your time, attention and mind on you shall find. What are you allowing in your life and is it taking you to a better place, a better version of you, or is it wasting your time and energy?


You will accomplish the things that you put your mind on and the things that you invest yourself in. What is worthy of your time, effort, energy and hard work? Seek those things with a positive outlook and you will be guaranteed success.


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