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Moxie Monday: Be Proud Of You


Let me first start by saying Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We all celebrate different holidays for different reasons. Being Irish I love St. Patrick’s Day, mind you I don’t actually go out or do anything special but I like watching John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in “The Quiet Man.” I don’t feel that I need to do anything special because I am Irish every day of my life.


I love all the different nationalities that I am made up of. We are all such a fun and unique mix which makes each of us a one of a kind individual. I can honestly say that I feel proud of who I am and the person I am constantly becoming. It doesn’t have to do with my race, profession, religion, gender, income or anything of the sort. I am proud of who I am because I try to be a good person each and every day of my life. I have thought to myself many times what I would want to be remembered for on the day that I die and i’ve come up with many different ideas. Brave, strong, smart, adventurous, generous, funny, daring, etc. Nothing quite compares to kind. I want people to feel value and empathy when they are talking to me. When someone is greeted by me I want them to feel that I genuinely care and that I am not saying words out of habit or repetition. When someone needs help, I make it my point to do something that I am capable of doing in that moment. When I don’t have money to give I offer a listening ear and encouragement. When my bank account is healthy I find out what their most urgent need is and make things happen. Sometimes the nicest thing that I can do for someone is acknowledge their presence. Whether that be stopping for a person crossing the street, looking the cashier in their eyes and ask how their day is going, thanking an I.T. employee for their help and time wether or not the issue was resolved, offering to reach tall items at the store for an elder, (being 5 foot 9 inches this happens often) letting a clerk know that I  am in no hurry when you can see they are stressed working for grumpy or rushed customers, letting a person cut in line when they have a handful of items, offering to assist a woman with her luggage on a plane when she is traveling with kids by herself or offering up your umbrella on a rainy day to someone that is need of one more than you. No matter the day and no matter your capability you are always able to be a good person and that will make you a person that you can be proud of.


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