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Moxie Monday: 10 Things About Me


High Pain Tolerance: I have undergone several surgeries and a few physical injuries over the years. Back surgery, ovarian cyst surgery, dental surgeries just to name a few. I have broken bones in my hands, foot, ribs. I’ve taken numerous tumbles mountain biking, playing hockey and other sports, dislocated my shoulder on a few painful occasions and since the age of 8 I had to deal with debilitating migraines and I have blown an ear drum. The last surgery I had took 10 weeks for recovery and I couldn’t lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. When I got out of surgery I took two aspirin and that was all for the whole 10 weeks of healing. The other day I had a toenail that kept snagging on my socks, I went to feel the edge and the whole nail came off. I remember now that I had kicked my bed post a while back but I hadn’t thought a thing of it. Pain is different for everyone but it does seem that can handle my fair share.


Love For Art: I am crazy about art. I like going to a museum and looking at a painting for several minutes. The different mediums and the way they can change from other perspectives. If you look at a Monet painting far away it looks like many things that you can pin point. When you get closer you will find that the brush strokes just look like blobs of paint and it is very difficult to see what you are looking at from this perspective. Art can change your feelings and mood. Some are dark and ominous other may be bright and joyful. My favorite painting is “The Bedroom” by Vincent Van Gogh also known as “Bedroom In Arles”.


Bit Of A Loner: Secretly, I am an introvert. I do great around people and interacting with others but I love my time alone. I can go a whole day and feel no need for interaction. As a kid I used to read in my room for hours on end, I usually had four books going at a time. When I was young I could play in my room with toys. crafts. writing or reading and I would come out only when my mom or dad would call me for dinner from time to time. I have no problem working on a project in my office for hours and listening to music or having a movie play in the background. Give me a good book and I am hooked until it is completely read cover to cover. I like being out here in the middle of Nevada out on a dirt road running with my dogs. It is extremely rare to come into contact with another person outside of town where I live. Mind you, I enjoy solitude but I truly can spend anytime with my husband, never in my life have I met someone that I can talk to about everything and share all of myself with. We talk together a lot, brainstorm on the couch with coffee about business, go hiking, hunting, fishing, exercising, camping and we even sit down and read different books together. Being alone isn’t a need to escape life but a way that I recharge myself. If I don’t have time to myself and am around people for long periods of time I get worn out, I don’t give others my best and it can make me feel pretty irritable. It is best for me and others in my life that I get time to recharge those batteries.

Willing To Try New Food: Food is one of my favorite things ever! I love the typical meals that I cook from enchiladas, spaghetti, stir fry, steak and potatoes, burgers, lemon chicken and BBQ pulled pork in the crock pot. I have a few strange snacks that have been well loved over the years, as a young kid I ate a dill pickle on a ritz cracker with a slice of cheese heated until it melted just a little. Those were delicious and I couldn’t get enough of them, my friend who is now my sister in law (Heather) got a taste for them too. In my late teens, early twenties, I enjoyed eating toast with cream cheese, dill and cheyenne pepper. That was a rich snack but I ate that a lot around the time I was loosing a lot of weight and needed the extra calories. My most recent snack I love is homemade popcorn with butter, pink himalayan salt and cheyenne pepper all over it. I have tried pigs feet, dragon fruit, sardines, bison, lychee, blood pudding, marmite,elk, various seafood, alligator and still willing to try more. I find food to be an experience and it is something meant to be enjoyed and noticed. Food for me is an adventure, try new things and you might come across something that you can add to your favorites list. Thanks to my sister in law, Becky I can’t stop eating bok choy.

Love Adventures: As a young person I was big on safety, I was not much of a risk taker, I liked being comfortable and in control. With the years I find myself getting more and more adventurous. I’ve been scuba diving, I have two states left to visit on a motorcycle (my husband and I did two cross country motorcycle trips that totaled over 15,000 miles), I did a Spartan race with Becky, my sister in law, I’ve been on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, I’ve learned to ride my own motorcycle, and so many other adventure just in the last 4 years. Life is exciting and fun when you go on adventures. Taking risks prove to you what you are made of, they make you feel alive and excited for whats next. What is something that you have tossed around but haven’t tried out yet? Work on that thing and set a date for when you are going to do it. I would love to ride my mountain bike from home to the next town over which is about 45 miles away and I want to go backpacking this summer and do the Ruby Crest Trail. I will keep you updated on those two adventures.


OCD With Numbers: This is more common than I expected but of I am watching a movie or listening to music I have to make sure the volume level is on an even number or one that is divisible by five. So if the volume is set at 37, YUCK! I have to change it to 36 or 38. On a microwave after someone takes their food out I have to clear the screen if there are number left on it. My Dad was the same way, he would tell me his latest number story where he would have to change something around to make it even or balance things equally. My husband knows this about me so he will change the TV volume to some horrendous number and wait for things to play out. My own brother will make fun of me for this quirk and yet he does the exact same thing. That is what brothers are for though, they are required at birth to live for one purpose and that is to endlessly bug and make fun of their sister, plus they secretly love their sister forever. Thanks Brandon and Garrett.

Love For Animals: Am I the only person that is crazy about animals? What is your favorite animal and why? I have had plenty of integration with wild and tame animals. I’m a dog person for sure. I’ve had dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, fish, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and dwarf hamsters. I have pet ant eaters, bear, raccoon, fox, deer, wild burros, horses, pigs, peacock, birds, giraffe, alligators, snakes, monkeys, lizards and buffalo. It brings me enjoy to watch animals and see how they interact and watching them in their natural habitat, I am sure some of that got instilled while watching national geographic over the years as a kid. I love animals and I have an ever-growing list of what one I want next. My husband was not impressed when I shared all of my thoughts on the matter. I am sure a few hundred thousand dollars a year would be enough to feed them all.

Balance Between Empathy And Boundaries: Early in my teens I had no idea how to set boundaries for myself. People walked all over me and I had no clue how to change this. It wasn’t until several years ago that I learned to tell others no. I realized that if I wanted to help other I had to first help myself and learn to be a stable and healthy person who had good boundaries. When I had people come to me for help, advice or guidance I would change my plans, routine and do whatever it took to make it happen for them. It was draining. Many times I would change my whole day around for others and one day it finally dawned on me, how much better would this whole day go if I had boundaries? I could have my routine and schedule with them a time that worked for both of us, then I wouldn’t feel upset while we got to talk. It was a win win and I made changes right away. It takes other a long time to get used to your new boundaries so you might want to explain them to your family and friends so that you can both talk about the new and healthier you. To this day I still have people from my past that try to pull old tricks or try and walk all over me, but I have my boundaries and when they can’t respect the healthy person I have become then they can’t have the same place they used to have in my life. It is amazing, since I have worked on my boundaries I actually feel that I have more empathy and patience for others. I know where I stand and so do others so when we talk I feel at ease instead of frazzled. Having boundaries doesn’t make you a no person but it does give you the option to say no. When someone really needs to talk, I still have times where I say yes and go out of my way to help others. We are all human and nothing fits inside of a perfect little box.

Strange Sweet Tooth: This is a weird one, I don’t enjoy sweets. Candy, cake, ice cream, cookies, chocolate, donuts, you name it, I really don’t care for it. In my adolescent years my family ate ice cream every night. When I would grocery shop with my mom she would say I could pick out one candy bar at the check out line. Every birthday my mom made a cake. I grew up with a bunch of delicious sweets and loved them. When I was in my teens I remember asking my parents not to give my candy in my Christmas stocking but just gum or mints instead. I slowly stopped eating ice cream. I have no idea why things changed, it wasn’t a plan that I had, my tastebuds just decided they were done with sugar. Now I crave fruit when I want something sweet. I can’t remember the last time I had a soda, other than some spite and ice when I am sick. I have no clue what the last candy bar was that I ate. Most of the chocolate bars on the shelves I haven’t even tried. I do have one exception, about every 6 months I get this crazy craving for a horrible amount of sweets. I will eat 6 donuts in one sitting, I can have a massive pile of ice cream with all the toppings, I will have some strange sweet that I see like a lemon bunt cake or my most common one, I will sit down with the intention of eating a pink frosting covered sugar cookie and end up eating all 10 in the box! I don’t get sick from any of it, I have a stomach made of iron. After I eat the sweet items of choice I have no desire to eat them again for at a least half the year goes by. How strange is that? Anybody else do that? On a regular day if someone offers me a sweet I have no desire for it, you can leave a box of donuts on my kitchen counter and I won’t even look at them. Now anybody that offers me a cheeseburger and fires, I am taking you up on that offer.

Earwigs And Grasshoppers: There are two things that I truly HATE, earwigs and grasshoppers. When I was about 8 years old I loved bugs and animals, for some reason I was always interacting with them. I found his grasshopper; looking back I think it might have been a locust, I picked it up and thought that it was so big and awesome. I started touching it and I felt a sharp pinch, I looked at my finger and saw a drop of blood forming, this creature had bitten me. Since that day any grasshoppers I come across bring me back to my terrified and injured 8 year old self. Earwigs or pincher bugs as my family called them, were common in the areas I lived in California. My brothers and I went to the lake in my teens during the summer multiple times a week, those were some of the best memories with family and friends. One time we were all taking turns diving to the bottom of the lake and grabbing sand to prove we made it all the way. On my turn there we lots of boys around and being my competitive self I knew that I would make it to the bottom no matter what, plus there was a cute boy watching which seems to be a big factor for doing something impressive. I dove in under the water and felt pressure in my left ear, I had no idea there was this thing called equalizing, I kept going to the bottom and grabbed the sand and instantly felt pain in my ear. I had side affects of a perforated eardrum. That night I fell out of bed from being so dizzy and to this day I get water in my ear just from a shower. During that same summer in my teens, my brothers and I went to the lake again and had a great time with friends. I had the usual amount of water in my ears so I showered cleaned the and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night from a noise, as I moved my head I realized that there was left over water in my injured ear. I shook my head and wiggled my jaw but the noise continued. I walked into the bathroom and picked up a cotton swab and used it to try and get the water absorbed by it. When I pulled the cotton swab out, to my horror I saw a pincher bug crawling on it! I am so thankful that I just thought that I had water in my ear, if I suspected there was a bug in my ear I would have Vincent Van Gogh-ed it right off. I get a bit of a shiver anytime I see one of those suckers now days.

Tell me something about yourself, a unique, crazy, strange or fun fact.

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