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Moxie Monday:Try 3 Things


I want to challenge you and myself to try 3 new things in the next few months. Trying new things gives us life excitment, joy, adventure and even if it doesn’t go well we have a unique memory or a good learning experience. One things is certain, if you don’t try you will never know.

Try a new food. (This is one of the easiest and most fun things to start off with when it comes to trying new things. Walk down an aisle at your grocery store and look for something you haven’t had before. Be adventurous, you might just fall in love with your new found go to snack.)

Try hiking to the top of a mountain you always look at on your way to work. (This will be happening this fall, I have a few spots out here in my valley that I need to climb up to. I will keep you updated on those adventures.)

Try learning a new way of thinking. (As a business owner I have adopted various ways of thinking. I think about each and every employee and how they communicate, what they need and where they are going in life and that dictates how I talk with them.)

Try talking to someone that you see each day at your local coffee shop, but are too nervous to say hello. (I have done this many times but I also don’t mind talking with strangers. I have asked people many questions to get to know them especially if I see them on a semi regular basis.)

Try cooking a meal you love the look of. (I tried to cook ratatouille after the cartoon came out, it wasn’t good and I don’t think I knew what I was doing but it was a fun memory.)

Try watching a movie or reading a book in a genre you have never given a try. (Today I was sick with a migraine and I needed some sound in the house so I clicked on a chick flick movie. I am an action, adventure, crime thriller type of girl but this was perfect for today and I didn’t hate it.)

Try something that scares you. Helicopter ride, scuba diving or petting a exotic animal at the zoo. (I’ve done all of the above including pet an alligator, snake, bear, skunk, bison, ant eater, the list goes on and on.)

Try a new look. Clothes, hair, makeup and accessories. (I wore a pair of leopard heel boots about a week ago, they were outside  my comfort zone but brought me so much joy.)

Try building a useful item that you would be willing to buy for your house. (This gives you such accomplishment and joy when you use and see something everyday that you made instead of purchased.)

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