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Moxie Monday: Your Character Is Bigger Than The Opinions Of Others.

There are times in our lives that people will test you, try you and may even cause you to question yourself. You must fall back on your character. Who are you really? What are your true intentions? How are you feeling? What is it that the other person is trying to accomplish by their actions? Asking yourself these questions may help you to ground yourself once again. You know yourself better than anyone ever can and that means no matter what others may say or do to you, you are capable of moving forward with your strong character, morals and standards intact.


I had an instance earlier this month with a lady that I knew in my past. She randomly began sending me messages on Facebook. She was attacking my character and saying the most outlandish things from a situation that had nothing to do with her directly. I stated my side of the story that she was asking about and explained things clearly to her. She did not like my information and began saying things that were not even close to my character or beliefs. I reassessed what we had said to one another and came to the conclusion that this was just a bitter, angry and vindictive person and I had made a great decision when I let her out of my life years earlier. It was clear that she was someone that would not adhere to my boundaries nor would she behave in sophisticated manner. I let her know that I had no intention of reconnecting or having any sort of a relationship with her. This was easier said than done. She proceeded to send messages for nearly a week. I responded with picture quotes for her to read in hopes that one of them might encourage her to grow and move on in her own life. She began to get tired of my quotes to her and we had one final conversation and severed ways. When others do not value your boundaries and try to cause harm in your life, get rid of them. Toxic people are healthy for absolutely nobody.


You decide what you want your life to look like. You choose how you will allow others to treat you. You are the only one that knows who you really are. Never let others try to knock you down or question what kind of person you are. Keep friends and family close and those that treat you with kindness, respect and truthfulness. Your character is bigger than the opinions of others, remember that.


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