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Moxie Monday: Downsize Your Time Wasters


Many of us want to make the most out of our time each day. We want to accomplish goals, get work done and have time left over to enjoy our day. Unfortunately life isn’t always picture perfect and we sometimes have to scramble at the end of the day just to make sure we have a clean outfit to wear to work in the morning. As life has gotten fairly busy lately and will only continue to get more precious to me, I did an assessment of my life to find out what I could cut out so that my time would be more fulfilling and purposeful. Here are the few things that I have changed this month in hopes that my life will be as smooth and focused as it can be. I hope that these things help and inspire you to give this a try. When it all boils down money, travel, business, cars, and homes are all great but nothing is more valuable than your time. Guard it and manage it so that you can look back on your full life and not memories of regrets of the things you didn’t do.

Household: Nearly each month I go through my house and anything that I don’t use or love I let go. Things that cause time wasting get changed or donated. I get rid of clothes that I don’t love to wear. I got rid of all my mix match towels for a large set. I got rid of my pots and pans that are chipped, old and mix matched. Now my home is streamlined, things match, they take less time to coordinate from my clothes to my bathroom towels. Yesterday I went through all of my makeup and downsized it by 50%. There were things that I never wear, colors I didn’t like and makeup that had expired. I never wear foundation or concealer so any items that were part of “gift with purchase” like those I got rid of. Why keep things you don’t use? My makeup drawer feels effortless and it makes my mornings faster, knowing any item I pick up is something that I wear everyday. The only items that vary for me is eyeshadow, the rest is the same routine and it makes life simple and easy. It may seem silly but think of the time it takes to wear that one item in your closet that takes some work to pair into an outfit. If it takes time and effort to try and make it work, donate it. My closet is simple, my makeup only contains things that I love to wear everyday and because of this household simplicity, I can wakeup and get dressed and ready for my day within 30 minutes every morning.

Phone: This week I used my screen time tracker to see how much time I was on my phone and all the different apps I was using. I realized that I was using apps that really didn’t matter to me, I was using them just out of habit. I looked closely at my phone contents and saw that there were many apps that I had that I rarely ever used. My phone was cluttered with time wasters. I like using Facebook but I had an Instagram account as well. I don’t enjoy using Instagram, I just had a few friends on their that don’t have Facebook. I deleted my Instagram account after seeing that I had checked it everyday and yet I only have posted two pictures in the last two years on it. I had games tucked away that I didn’t use, shopping apps that I don’t need and some apps that I never looked at that were included when I first bought my phone.

Daytime vs. Nighttime: Each day I have a to do list of things that I have prioritized by importance. I love to get things done first thing in the morning if I can. A trick that has helped me accomplish much more in any given day, is to prioritize by importance and then by the things I can do in the daytime or at night when it gets dark or cold. Right now we are having a cold burst of weather in central Nevada. Each day I have a short time that I am able to get outside and get things done. I get indoor things done early and then later in the evening. If I need to pull weeds, clean the backyard or do a project outside I get that done in the warmest and brightest part of the day. All of my business work, house cleaning and indoor projects I focus on doing in the evening or early morning before the sun is out. It is annoying to get to the end of your day and have an outdoor project on your list that you can’t get to because it is now too late. Get important things down first and look at what you have to do during the daytime, everything else will all fall into place from there.

Prioritize Your Media And Entertainment: During my down time I would hop onto Facebook or Youtube and watch videos that really didn’t mean much to me, it just sucked my time out of my day. I did two things to help improve my media time. I put a time limit on my phone for different apps and I subscribed to a few personal development channels on youtube instead of mind numbing nonsense. My downtime is much more productive because I am actually learning something useful and the limit on my phone helps me get off of it when my time is up for the day. Please understand that in the evenings I will watch a TV show with my husband or a movie here and there, but the time killing things have been limited and refocused.

Routine, Routine, Routine: Here is an example of a typical planned out day for me. Wake up. Get ready for the gym. Drink a glass of water. Give my dogs way too much attention. Gym time. Eat breakfast and have coffee (Black Rifle Coffee to be exact!). Do any computer and business work that needs to be done. Mail off bills, invoices, letters, etc. Check on one of the businesses and our outstanding employees, they really are incredible people. Get some yard work done. Play with the dogs. Eat lunch. Get projects done and all outdoor activities. If it is nice weather I will read outside for a little bit, otherwise I wait until bedtime. Check emails. Respond to all business emails. Set up tomorrow’s plan of attack. Cook dinner and eat it, which is always a good part of the day. Watch a show with my husband and catch up on our day. Do some stretching or something good for myself. Clean up the house and prep for tomorrow. Go to bed. My routine allows time to fit other things into it, but it keeps me on track to have the most effective and successful day that I can plan out as well.

Even trying one of these things to downsize your time wasters might shock you within your first week. These options might not be time wasting areas in your life, if that is the case, look at your daily routines and see where and what you can cut out to make your days productive and purposeful. I am loving the changes so far. I am able to get more done in a day and I go to bed feeling extremely pleased with my efficiency and success. My only goal in life is to be happy and healthy. I want to be an example to others and help out where I can. My life has not always been organized and healthy, it hasn’t even been all that happy during different time periods. Life is what you make it, I chose to be tactful in what I do and I want all that I do to be efficient and purposeful. Live your life on purpose, don’t let it just happen.

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