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Moxie Monday: The Constant Blessings

Thankfulness, gratitude and living a blessed life are all things that I talk about often on my blog. These are things that keep me going, they change my outlook on life and they are reasons that I am here today. Life can get a little complicated at times and even trying. When those days come I focus my thoughts, energy and attention on what is going right in my life. I have thousands of things that I can count as constant blessings in my life, that is no exaggeration. I am going to share a handful of them in hopes that you can find your constant blessings so that your rough days can be looked at with a different focus so that you too can see how truly blessed you are as well.


Just a little note before I begin. We do have hard days but our attitude towards those hard times can change when we concentrate our attention towards thankfulness. This list of constant blessings does not magically make all bad things go away, it changes my point of view on life and that in turn makes me the best version of myself on a not so great day.


  1. I am healthy. I don’t have to take any medicine. I have both legs and both arms which is far too easy to take for granted. I am able to eat any food I want, no allergies. I have eyes that can see this beautiful and strange rainy weather in June. I am able to go to the gym and jog whenever I want to. I am capable of so many things because my body inside and out are doing great.
  2. My home. I do not own the house that I am in but I am able to make it into a home for my husband and myself. When the weather is hot or cold, we have air conditioning and a heater. We have a wood burning fireplace for the winter. My home has furniture, tables, chairs, couches, a bed, desks, etc.
  3. Dogs. I am obsessed with dogs if you haven’t guessed by now. I have two dogs right now, a male Belgian Malinois and a cute adopted male that is a mix of everything. I have the to finances to feed them and take them to the vet when needed. They bring me an incredible amount of joy. I wake up in the mornings and open our bedroom door and they come running and jumping, happy to see me as though I was a piece t-bone steak.
  4. Vehicles. Craig and I are fortunate enough to have two working vehicles. We can both move about freely and not worry about each other’s schedules. When we travel we have options. We take the truck to get supplies in town, we use it for our longer trips and for taking the dogs out for a run. We have our jeep to go camping, hunting and running roads in.
  5. Reading. This constant blessing is a two for one. I had a good education growing up and inherited a love for reading. I also has good eyesight for reading and have no need for glasses. This may seem extremely simple but they are both things that I am immensely grateful for. I have a collection of books that I am crazy about and they bring me such joy and wonderful memories when I walk into my office and see them on my bookshelves.
  6. Food/Cooking. I am a bit of a food addict. I love to try new things when I get the chance and I get a kick out of cooking some of my old favorite dishes. I watched my Mom cook in the kitchen growing up and I checked to see what things my Dad would marinated different meats with before putting them on the grill. I am blessed to have learned a little of both worlds and to be able to put my own spin on many of their dinners. It makes my heart happy to have the skill of cooking and then to be able to eat all of it, and I do mean “all of it”.
  7. A mindset for money. Yes, you can be blessed by the way yo think or by your knowledge. I have always been good with finances. I was able to pay for my first wedding debt free. After acquiring a great deal of debt from my divorce I was militant about getting it paid off the fastest and most efficient way possible. Within just two years twenty thousand dollars were paid off. Now that I am in a happy and healthy relationship, money has become much more simple, we are both savers and quite strict with how we handle our finances. Having a mindset for a specific thing is not something that all others have as well, use it to your advantage and realize that it is a constant blessing for your life.
  8. Water, Food and Shelter. Lets get real simple. According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Annual Homelessness Assessment Report, 17 out of every 10,000 people are homeless in America on any given night. reported that six out of ten people on planet earth don’t have access to flush toilets or adequate water-related sanitation. According to, more than 41 million Americans face hunger, 13 million of those being children. My constant blessing is that I have food, water and shelter every single day of my life. Let those figures sink in. Feeling some gratitude towards something that seems so basic?
  9. Living past just the needs. I have lived a lifestyle where I wondered if I was going to make it to my next paycheck. I have lived on very little. I have called bill collectors begging for an extension before they turned my water or electricity off. I have been through some difficult times when I was unhappy, unhealthy and in a bad relationship. Having been through those times makes me especially aware of these bountiful days. I am able to live a life beyond just paying bills and getting food with whatever money might be left over. I am able to try a new meal out, buy a craft project (because yes, I am an old lady and a bit of a nerd.) I can purchase a new table for my front porch. These are all things I never dreamed would be apart of my reality. This lifestyle is a constant blessing that I will never allow to become anything less than extraordinary.
  10. Relationship. I am married to a man that gets me. He knows who I am with all my crazy quirks and OCD tendencies. He listens to understand. He is a wealth of knowledge. He loves me almost as much as I love him, (one of my quirks is that I alway love him more, no matter what he may think.) he is truly a jack of all trades and has a thirst for adventure. We get along with each other even though we are both alpha type individuals. Where I am weak he is strong and where he is weak I have strength. There is a great balance between us and I can say that every day that we spend together is a moment that I will always cherish. P.S. He does have a few corny jokes and can’t let his food touch each other. Other than those two shortcomings  he is a man of strength, courage, respect, honor and love. Being able to spend a moment with him is equivalent to winning the lottery.


Some of these ten examples might seem simple, silly or just ridiculous but I can promise that if you dwell on your own constant blessings it will take a superman-like strength to continue to have a bad day with a bad attitude.

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