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Moxie Monday: Self Motivation

Somedays we wake up with passion, purpose and drive. There are also days that you wake up and everything feels like a struggle. On those days you feel the struggle try out these few tips to boost your mood, energy and reawaken your passion.

motivational speakers

Watch a motivational video on youtube. Check out Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Nick Vujicic, Simon Sinek and Suze Orman. If you don’t have a motivational speaker that you connect with you can just search motivational videos by theme. On days that are hard to get up and go workout I search for a “workout motivational video.” If you are depressed and feel unable to get out of bed then try searching, “overcoming depression motivation.” There are limitless options right at your fingertips to help spark your sense of purpose.

Focus on positively influential things. Be careful to only surround yourself with positive things. Become highly single minded about what you allow to influence you. Engage in conversations that are positive, surround yourself with upbeat people, only watch movies that have an inspiring story to it and read books that help develop yourself. Block out all negativity around you. This doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen, you just have a choice in how you will react to it. You have the right to ask others around you to become more positive to be around and not talk with you about things that are not useful, uplifting and encouraging.

Plan a reward for yourself. If you are having a hard time getting a project done or going to the gym, make a deal with yourself. If you accomplish the task or workout really hard at the gym, then you will watch your favorite movie that night and make a crazy good dinner that you love. Make effort for yourself and make your efforts rewarding when it proves to be difficult for you.

Read about successful people. When you are feeling down or unmotivated read a book. Pick out a book of substance, maybe a autobiography or one that contains a story or courage and trials. When I read a book about someone else’s struggles and victories, it makes me feel more confident and it gives me hope and enthusiasm. How could you read a book about greatness and not feel a sprinkle of it for yourself?

Above all else, make sure you do the things you are struggling with. No matter how much you want to stay in bed with depression and anxiety, no matter what excuse you come up with not to workout, no matter how the paralyzing fear you have about trying something new, you must get up and do the things that you must. Always do the things that your brain tells you to skip, do the things that are hard, do the things that are a struggle, those are the things in life that make you a better, stronger, healthier and happier person.




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