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Moxie Monday: My Happy And Healthy

The two most important things in my life are being happy and healthy. Those two things cover all the good in this world. We are in a healthy mindset, body and are able to be fully happy because of it. Instead of just using the phrase be happy and healthy let me explain what that really means to me, I am going to fully divulge what this motto is to me and how I apply it to my daily life.

What is happiness? Happiness is that state of being happy. Happy means feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. I find happiness in everyday life by looking at the best of every day. Each day might have problems or it might not go as planned but I can guarantee that there is always a silver lining. The worst day of my life was when my Dad died, the silver lining was that I knew he loved me and that I knew he knew how much I loved him. Our last text to each other was about how thankful I was for him in my life and he responded with how much he loved me. Every once in a while I get a migraine that is debilitating. I usually can’t eat, drink or move around, it becomes a waiting game that usually involves me puking a lot. The silver lining to those days are that the second the migraine lifts I feel absolutely amazing and I don’t take for granted my health and how nice it is to be free from pain again. The second part to that silver lining is that I used to have a migraine at least twice a month and now I have one twice a year. Simply because of all the bad things I have cut out of my life and the stress that I have learned to not let affect my day. During times that I went without much money and had to eat some crazy things just to survive until the next payday, I learned that the silver lining was how adaptive and creative I could be. I can make a meal out of anything and I can get through some very trying times. No matter how bad your day or your year is, there is always something good going on. Happiness would be better defined as this: Happiness doesn’t mean that life is perfect, it simply is the decision to make the most out of every day.

What is healthy? Healthy means, in good health. Health means the state of being free from illness or injury. I find health is a assortment of categories such as mental health, spiritual health, physical health, emotional health and social health. For myself, mental health is taking time out for myself once in a while to decompress and process things that I am going through in life. I like to meditate, read a book, work on a craft as I find that doing little projects that being me joy really makes me relaxed and feel happy. I like to talk with someone when I am struggling with different situations or get outside and take pictures of nature, that puts my mind to rest and brings me a sense of calm. Spiritual health I have talked about previously and that looks like reading my Bible, reading books on growth, purpose and having a relationship with God. I like to make sure all aspects of my health are doing good, it isn’t just about working out or going on a jog. I like to hit the gym and take my dogs out for a run or do some Nevada hiking. I know that when I am physically healthy I am far more capable of being happy by doing the things that I love. In connection, being healthy enables me to be even more happy. Stretching is also a big one, staying flexible helps relieve muscle pain and it has helped me sleep better as well as having less and less migraines. Emotional health is crucial for everyone. Developing great emotional health promotes the ability to cope with life’s challenges and it enables us to work through our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It isn’t so much controlling everything around us, it is being aware of how we are reacting to it and choosing the healthiest path for us to act on. Anytime we run into a bad situation we are faced with choices, we can use poor emotional health and let that moment define our day and how we succumb to it or we can use our ever improving emotional health and choose to work through those initial be feelings and make the decision to still have a positive attitude towards that one bump in the road. Lastly we have social health, to me that is all about relationships and interactions with other people. I have read many books on social health and interacting with others. As a business owner I work around customers, employees that I get to work with and many vendors. I have worked hard to make my social skills better, they have become an incredible asset in my life. I used to be a very sky and meek person and I am now highly confident and capable of striking up a conversation out of thin air without much effort. I am a true introvert but I am capable of being a people person at times, I love to interact with others with quality conversations and true care and understanding. I have a value for listening when people share things with me and I am always willing to work on relationships to make them healthier, better and stronger.

Happiness and Health go hand in hand in my life. The happier I am, the healthier I become and likewise, the healthier I am the happier I become. When you are truly happy and healthy you are living your life fully. I can’t think of anything important that isn’t encapsulated in being happy and healthy, those two things make you are good person, it causes you to be your true self, you end up living out your dreams and it is highly contagious for those around you. Know you know that when I say I try to live a happy and healthy life, those are not just words but they are my very core motto in life. I will do whatever it takes to live life full of health and happiness but my goal is to see others around me do the same.

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