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Moxie Monday: A Life Of Adventure

A life of adventure is far more exciting than one that is typical. In the last four years I have been lived a highly blessed life that has allowed me several adventures and some incredible memories. Here is a list of things that I have done recently.

Certified to scuba dive. My sister in law took me to be certified as she and her husband go often. They are amazing divers and had gone with my husband a few times. I feel proud to have been taught and had the pleasure to dive with them.

Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. I have always wanted to go on a helicopter ride and it was so much fun to check kit off of my bucket list.

I have covered 46 states with my husband on a motorcycle on two different trips. We covered 15,500 miles. I still have to go through Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii on the bike and we will have all 50!

Camping in 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Taking a side by side around Moab, Utah.

Visited Universal Studios in Florida.

Niagara Falls, NY.

Library of Congress in Washington DC.

Riding a motorcycle through tornado warnings in Texas.

Pet a giraffe at Tyler Zoo in Texas.

Stopped on the side of the road to climb a mountain that I have wanted to see the top of.

Bought a dog and trained it in commands.

Adopted an abused dog at a shelter in Las Vegas, NV.

Gone running during a rain storm.

Hunting with my husband and dry camping for over a week.

Went shooting on Christmas day in sub zero temperatures just to take our new guns (Christmas presents) to the range for initiation.

Got a second tattoo in memory of my Dad.

Purchased a Yamaha XT250 motorcycle.

Drove my husband’s Yamaha through Carlsbad, NM.

Purchased a storage unit business and a rental home.

Purchased an ATV business with my husband.

Explored the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Ate Aligator.

Sat in four States at one time.

Learned about Antietam Battlefield and toured around it.

Ate Amish ice cream in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Experienced the USS Albacore submarine.

Touched a piece of Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts.

Went to my first Hibachi grill in Orlando, Fl.

Earned a medal in a Spartan race.

Had fresh Lobster in Maine.

The list goes on and on. As you are reading this blog I will be headed home from a trip to Alaska in our new RV with my husband and his parents. We will have spent 32 days driving through Nevada, Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington, British Colombia, Yukon and Alaska!!!! To some I may have done a lot and to others it might seem small, the point of this blog is to keep you life in the constant state of adventure. Make the most out of where you live, take your days off to explore, when you are in a new place try out a new food or a crazy adventure you have wanted to accomplish. Keep checking those things off of your bucket list. What have you done on your bucket list and what things are next? When you die will you be happy with a stable life or one that is filled with fun memories and crazy adventures?




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