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Moxie Monday: Boost Your Mood

As I am writing out this post I am enjoying being back at my home after a month in Canada and Alaska. I am in a great mood but just a little worn out from our trip. When my mood is high or low I always have a few tips and tricks to boost my mood. These did bits can make your poorly days better and your great days amazing. Why not make each day as good as it can be, these tips are not just for your horrible days where you are having a lousy mood, they are for good days that you can make even better.

1 outside

Tip one, get outside. Being outdoors in nature helps improve your mood and mindset. Get some fresh air and enjoy free vitamin D from the sun. It is hard to have a poor mood when the sun is shining, birds are chirping and there is a soft breeze in the trees above you. For my, I love a dark, stormy and rainy day. That is what really boosts my mood, but I have learned to appreciate all kinds of weather because like life, they are both unpredictable but we can always make the best of it.

2 exercise

Second tip. Exercise. This doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds so don’t get intimidated. Exercise gives you a hit of feel-good hormones and chemicals like endorphins. Endorphins boost your mood and can improve your brain’s health. You don’t have to go down to the gym and lift heavy weights everyday for there to be a benefit. You can stay home slip into some comfy clothes and sit on the floor with your favorite show on and stretch for 30 minutes. You can try yoga, jogging, cardio, walking your dog or something as simple as stretching while watching your favorite show.

Tip number three is to help someone else. What better way to boost your mood than for you go to bed at night knowing that you impacted someone else’s life. Helping another person gets you out of your own head and getting out of your own head and your bad day will instantly make your mood better. Helping another person removes yourself from your own situation and you can see life with a different view point. When you help someone else buy their groceries you will be more thankful for the plenty that you have sitting at home in your cupboards. When you talk to someone that wants to give up on life and work with them through their troubles you will look at your now bad day as dwarfish. Helping others will give you a new lease on life and boost your mood.

This fourth tip is easy to accomplish and when I am exhausted it is my go to option. Celebrate the season you are in. You can do this literally or metaphorically. Literally, that means in fall I am watching Hocus Pocus or To Kill A Mockingbird, with a steaming bowl of soup in my cozy pajamas and fuzzy socks. When winter hits I am watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or The Grinch, sipping on some egg nog and glimpsing at my Christmas tree out of the corner of my eye. Metaphorically speaking it is great to watch a movie about a personal struggle that someone is going through and becoming a better person in the midst of trials. Try watching G.I Jane, Ruby Bridges, Stand And Deliver, We Were Titans or Pursuit Of Happiness. These movies will move you and they will get you out of your head, how can you say that you are having a less than perfect mood when you watch a movie about real struggles that we are each blessed enough not to have to live through. These movies give hope, inspiration and motivation to do more and become better. When you find that you have the worst luck with relationships try a movie about a single and confident person that lives out an amazing life. Watch a movie about where you are at in life and get inspired by the story. You can celebrate the season you are in or encourage yourself to get into a better season. Make an event out of a movie night with related foods or drinks, get super comfortable and even take notes on things that you can use in your life.

Tip 5 is simple. Make something and get creative. I do not like clutter in my life but I enjoy making things. One thing I take time to do every few months is decorating and creating things. I like to make ornaments for Christmas time for others, decorate our store with hand made flower arrangements, wreaths or hand painted wall decor. It feels good to create but it also feels wonderful to give. I like to create things with a person in mind and then I give them my creation at their birthday or for a Christmas present. For some friends I would make a Harry Potter themed Christmas ornament. Some family members I created wooden wall decor with their favorite quote for their birthday. One year I made my friends wall collages with all of their favorite things on them. It is easy to get creative and do something with your hands and your imagination. It is rewarding to finish a project that you get to give to someone you care about. You can boost your mood simply with a craft or a project but you will also boost your mood by giving your design to someone important to you.

mood booter end

Lastly, tip number six is just a bonus. You can do things that boost your mood anytime and anywhere. Let’s say you are at work, you have a 30 minute lunch break, grab your pre-packed healthy lunch and go outside even in your car with the window down. Enjoy your healthy meal and take the time to breathe in some fresh air. Lets say you are in a hurry to prepare for some guests to come over, you can still fit in exercise, for example as you vacuum the house instead of stopping behind it try and do lunges on each leg. You do not need money in order to help someone else. Tip number three is easy to do even in the comfort of your own home. Hop onto your computer and check out social media, the first friend that you come across with a negative post just send a private message to them with some words of encouragement or an offer to help out if they need someone to talk to. Maybe just sharing a piece of advice that has helped you in life will be just the thing they needed to have a good day. Celebrate the season you are in doesn’t mean you need the perfect setting or time to watch a movie. On your way home from school or work stop in at the store a get yourself a big beautiful orange pumpkin if it is fall. If it is a hot summer day then pick up a pitcher and some lemonade mix to sip on when you get home. Find a quote online that really speaks to you and is encouraging, print it out and hang it on your wall to remind yourself that bad times pass but they do make you a better, stronger and smarter person. You truly can make something out of anything. Learn to knit, all you need it yarn and two needles. Make some candle holders out of old bottles and twine. Create a heating pad for sore muscles, all you need are beans or rice and some fabric and thread. Think creatively and you will always find a way to boost your mood. Do good for yourself and do good for others, that will make your life more fulfilling and it will put you in a great mood.

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