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Moxie Monday: Why Didn’t It Work Out?

Sometimes life throws us some strange curveballs. Have you ever gone on a trip and nothing seems to go right? Go to a job interview feeling stellar and find out you didn’t get it? Try to get a project done only to find that it can’t be finished because you are missing one part? There are times in life that things simply don’t work out.


Yesterday my husband and I went out to cut wood for winter. We were up at 4:00am and ready to go. The truck and trailer were loaded with our chainsaws, gear, chaps, oil and fuel. We stopped and fueled up the jeep and purchased some water and snacks for the day. We drive about 30 minutes from home to our wood cutting spot and everything goes as normal, saws are working great, sun is just coming over the mountains behind us, there is a nice little breeze keeping us cool. Unexpectedly my husband’s chainsaw stops working, he pulls it apart and the clutch; which is usually three main visible pieces, are now two pieces and lots of parts are jammed up behind them. After working with the saw it is determined that it needs some real TLC. We continue with the one saw, we can still get the full load of wood with just one. The very next tree that I try cutting, my saw starts acting strange and cutting poorly. We stop and inspect the saw, the blades are dull and it isn’t cutting properly. My husband sharpens it and we try again, not performing up to par. We make the call that the day is a wash. (We are going to cut wood next week.)

One day last year my husband and I were going to make a trip to Las Vegas. We had some business supplies to get for our store and we had some errands to run as well. We got up at 5:00am, drank some coffee and had breakfast together. Time to leave for our 4 hour drive. As I get into the truck I have a funny little gut feeling about the day, these are the things I never take lightly. When I have a gut feeling I have learned to listen to it, they have helped me in some strange situations more times than I can count. After 45 minutes into our drive this gut feeling is not going away, it’s that kind of gut feeling where you just know something isn’t right and maybe something bad is about to happen. When I noticed the intensity of this feeling get stronger my husband slows the truck down and looks at me and says, “something doesn’t seem right today. Do you mind if we do this trip next week instead?” My answer was an immediate yes as I tell him what my gut was feeling. Yeah, it was a bummer to change plans and not go into town that day but for all we know there could have been a car accident that we would have been involved in, truck problems that would have stranded us for a while or something as simple and as lethal as a buck in the middle of the highway ahead.

Last week I had a great interview for work and I din’t get the job. Some might call that a failure, I call that a learning experience. My next interview (which there will be a next one because quitting isn’t apart of my DNA) will go just a good as my last one if not better. I will be able to apply things that I have learned from my previous one and the employers will get to know me more. I plan on getting interviews until they are so tired of seeing my face, my application and my resume that they understand and learn what kind of an employee I can be for them and that they see me as an asset to them.

work great

We don’t always know why things don’t work out. When you have a gut feeling to change plans, LISTEN! Plan to try again and most importantly never give up. You can learn from life’s curveballs, you can grow from failure and we can become smarter in every circumstance that we live through. Be willing to change things up, be willing to learn from experience and always be willing to move forward after something did work out.

move work.jpg

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