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Moxie Monday: Happiness Versus Joy

Many times we confuse happiness with joy. I never even noticed that they were two different things. I used the descriptive words interchangeably. If you have thought the way that I used to please consider this new way of thinking. Happiness can be fleeting and joy is sustainable.

h vs j

Happiness is like buying a new computer. You do your research, pick out the one that is perfect for you, you save up your money and when the time comes you make the anticipated purchase. Everything about the computer is exciting, you have to learn all of the new features, amazing capabilities and make all the necessary updates and downloads to really break it in and make it your own. When you have owned your computer for a month or even a week, you are used to it, it does what you need and it has become a regular part of your day to day life. Not much thought goes into your not so new computer as tie goes on and the excitement has worn off, that is happiness. Happiness spikes with excitement and novelty, but likewise it diminishes with time only to activate again at a later date.

hand j

Joy is something from deep within all of us. It is not an emotional but a state of being. We can be joyful every day without cause. Joy is a mindset, it is a choice and it is easier to cultivate than you might believe. Joy is similar to the sun, every morning it is there. There are days that are cloudy and seasons change from summer to winter but even on the darker gray days the sun still shines light. Summer days without clouds provide the sun free reign. We may have days where we feel more joy than others and even seasons where it seems less than normal, but the joy is still there every morning. Joy isn’t something that comes from a new computer or getting a bonus on our paycheck, joy comes from us carrying it with us every single minute of every single day. Right now I feel a great deal of joy because I am content and fully alive in this moment. I am sitting in my office that I love, I have several dogs in here sleeping on the floor around my feet, I  have a fun adventure movie playing in the background, I am sipping an iced peppermint coffee, I am intermittently texting some friends and family that are chatting with me and in all of this I feel great joy!

Joy is a choice and an acknowledgment of the moment. Choose to feel joy in everyday moments and based it off of things that cannot be taken away. Do not base joy off of things or people, base it off of the fact that it always present if you choose to notice it.

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