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Moxie Monday: Rest

It cannot be stressed enough, rest is highly important in life. I would say that the last year has been one of learning for me in the area of rest. I have always thought that rest was for people that were sick or that it was a weakness. Rest actually gives us strength and I see great wisdom in exercising it.

I have worn myself out many times because I had no value for rest. I kept pushing through and getting things done. I was constantly running on empty and trying me best to have just enough energy to survive on a day to day basis. This is something I had to learn the hard way. Imagine this if you will; you have 14 errands you must complete this week, you can divide it up and do two errands a day. Choosing to complete two errands a day will give you no time to rest but you can complete your tasks fairly easy. Let’s look at another option, you can take 5 days and complete 3 errands per day. It will take a bit more planning and focus but in the end that gives you one or two days to handle anything else that may come up in your week and one day dedicated simply to resting. It might seem difficult at first but rest takes work and preparations. I do have to plan a day to rest or it does not happen. Like most things in life you must schedule in rest and treat it like a business meeting, you can’t blow it off because something else has come up, you have to juggle things around to make sure that it works out as planned.

Rest looks different to many people, it can look like staying in pajamas and watching movies all day, it could mean going on a long walk outdoors, maybe rest is reading a book, cooking and cutting out all electronics for a day. Rest changes a little for me depending on life. Sometimes I rest simply by staying home and cleaning the house, organizing, doing chores, blogging, playing outside with the dogs, cooking a good dinner and doing all computer work that needs to get done for the businesses. Every few months one of my rest days truly looks like stretching, hanging out with my dogs and watching movies all day long. Whatever rest looks like to you, make it happen before you  feel burned out. You can try and push yourself really hard for a long time and get plenty of things done, or you can schedule yourself to have one of those busy days to rest. After you rest you become refreshed and fuel up your energy levels. Think about how much more you can get done with a greater quality if you have recharged your batteries compared to running on empty for the last few days.


Remember, rest isn’t a sign of weakness or laziness but of strength and forethought. Rest allows us to do better each day and it gives us the opportunity think things through, plan well and do things with even greater energy and enthusiasm.

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