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Moxie Monday: Recharge

This topic is similar to my last post about rest. Rest is a the first step to recharging. I see them as two separate things but they pair amazingly together. We cannot recharge without rest but we do have to start resting before we can fully recharge.


Like electronics, sometimes we run out of energy and then we must recharge. A moment of rest is great and much needed but it takes some patience and time to fully charge again. Rest to me is a form of relaxation, it includes sleeping, lounging around, eating right, getting your body feeling its functional best. Charging yourself is one step further, it is going out of your way to exercise, stretch, meditate, treat yourself to a spa day (even at home), try something creative, forego all technology for a while, make an incredible meal and things that are one step beyond the bare minimum.

What happens when your computer is fried and you call technical support? The first thing they have you do after assessing the situation is turn the device off and back on. The reason you must turn your device off and on is to rest and then reset it. Sometimes they want you to plug the power cable back in. Why? It is important even for your electronics to rest and recharge, don’t you think that means we can learn a lesson from something as simple as our electronics. How much more vulnerable are our bodies than a computer?

I have described what rest is to me but recharging is a whole other animal. You can turn your electronics off to rest but the battery must be recharged in order to perform at its optimum. You decide what recharging looks like to you. Just like rest, you must schedule it into your plans and purposefully make it happen on a regular basis. Rest gives you good health, a true recharge gives your mind, body and soul a complete reset and new focus.


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