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Moxie Monday: Laughter Is The Best Medicine

It is easy to get bogged down by our day to day lives. We work, study, clean, cook, eat, exercise, see family or friends, shop and go to sleep. Our lives can become so routine that we forget to take the time to have a good laugh. Laughter heals broken hearts, it soothes our pain and it changes our outlook on life.


When my Dad died I felt really heavy, I was overcome with grief. I wanted to sleep all day and wallow in my own pain. I felt most comfortable doing nothing. My husband really helped me in that season. He had lost his teenager daughter in a car accident years before and understood the pain of losing someone that meant the world to you. Please note that nobody will experience pain the same way, no two deaths are alike and you cannot understand the pain of loss until you have lived through it yourself. My pain from losing a father is extremely different from my husband’s pain of losing his daughter, but some of the aspects were relatable and it helped me incredibly.

After a few months of serious pain and sadness my I talked with my husband about ways that he was able to start healing and feeling alive again. He had made himself watch a funny movie. For some reason you feel guilty to laugh or enjoy life after a death. I don’t know why my brain started thinking that way, I would laugh at something on Facebook and instantly my heart would skip. Why did you just laugh? You can’t be happy, you are in pain remember? Those were the things that would rush through my head. I really worked with my husband to start watching funny videos and doing things that brought back my joy. I started with a short 5 minute video about pets being silly, then I watched fail videos that consisted of people doing stupid things are getting hurt, then I upgraded to try a few projects that I wanted to work on like a few mugs that I designed and baked. They turned out beautiful and still bring me joy each time I use them.

No matter what pain you are feeling or the difficulties that you are facing in life you always have the choice to have a good laugh. It might and probably will be highly uncomfortable but just like working out it feels awkward and it hurts but the more you do it the better you get and the more natural it becomes. Try a short video about a topic that interests you, I love animals so a funny animal video is good for me. Then try branching out to something a little different, maybe something longer like a hilarious interview between Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson pretending to be each other and interviewing one another, it is hilarious. If you have a pet, watch them play around with a toy or their fur sibling. My dogs give me a great deal of laughs and entertainment. The options are endless, let yourself enjoy life around you and have a good healing laugh at the same time.


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